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Zombie Peepshow: A Free Fall Into The Dark Fantasy

Zombie Peepshow

With lots of talking about investments, designer networks, logistics and workshops we often tend to forget the power of the individual natural gift and… let’s face it – it doesn’t look fair at all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all important, but sometimes it takes a lone wolf to start something awesome, something that people would really love and appreciate. All that business/marketing carnival comes later and only if the brand’s initial artistic vision was original and fresh enough. Nevertheless many clothing and footwear artists are ending up staying at the platforms like Etsy and feeling quite good working for themselves and promoting their one-man brand on their own. And if you say it’s not cool enough to have a brand you’re running alone without a factory, staff and a big shiny logo above the entrance, then you really should think twice. I remember Lemmy once said “Run it up the flag pole and see who salutes it”, and guess what – this approach still works just fine.

For the first time since we launched I have to say it’s kind of hard for me to gather my thoughts, because for sweet baby Thor’s sake just look at this!

Kayla Stojek was a chemistry major, looking forward to become a dentist, yet still desperately willing to show the world her creative side. Her idea was to work in the footwear design niche, and I mean not the classic one! Her first project was a pair of heels for a Halloween costume and it became quite a success, because Kayla’s friends began to ask her to design something for them too. The word of mouth gave her more projects and even more reasons to continue developing her unique style. Always trying to bring her most crazy ideas to life, experimenting, inventing new techniques and learning on-the-go made Kayla Stojek one of the most prominent and unusual footwear designers in the world. At least when you say the name of her brand – “Zombie Peepshow” – people respond quite explosively. Probably because there’s nothing you could find even remotely similar to what she creates and once you see her shoes you’re not going to forget them that easily :)

For the first time since we launched I have to say it’s kind of hard for me to gather my thoughts, because for sweet baby Thor’s sake just look at this! Look at this! Did you look at these photos? Take a close look! Zombie Peepshow’s footwear doesn’t even look like your usual footwear (if it does, hi Lady Gaga, glad to see you here!), it’s like the creativity in its free flight, like an open door to a weird goth Wonderland’s dimension, like Salvador Dali’s wet dream. And I can’t say enough how much I love when someone breaks the standards, looks at the usual things from a very special perspective and finally creates something totally new.

The whole Kayla’s idea was about taking some sexy high heels or platforms and transform them into something really extreme and individual. She was using the ready made shoes at first, but later in some cases began creating the whole footwear from the scratch. Any new design is usually a toxic mutant composed from whole lot of different elements. Some of them are pre-made, like stones, crystals, gems etc and the others are hand-made by Kayla Stojek herself. As you can notice, the primary source of her inspiration is the sci-fi world in all its diversity: rather epic monsters and dragons, Halloween-related stuff with skulls, bones and coffins, some sort of girly fairy boots with lots of shiny stones, little toys and even candies implemented in the shoes surface and platforms… You can also find a couple of tributes to the well-known movie classics, like “Terminator”, “Jaws” or “American Psycho”. Other shoes look kind of fetish with the shiny bodies, high heels and huge metal spikes. I even found some very cool retro models any steampunk fan would kill for!

On the one hand this magnificence can easily make your skin crawl, though on the other one you could get curious if these shoes are stable enough, because in many cases the more little details the footwear has the quicker it falls apart. Well, you can relax and forget about it, because each and every design is made with a special glue combination that gives it an industrial strength (that’s when Kayla’s initial profession happened to be very helpful).

And finally you’re probably eager to know the prices, but at the same time might be a little scared to hear them because usually this kind of stuff comes quite expensive. Well, have no dear! The Zombie Peepshow price policy is very reasonable, especially for the one of a kind hand-made items, and the most products can be purchased for the modest $150-400/pair, depending on the complexity. Simply visit the brand’s Etsy page and choose your miracle!


All images © Kayla Stojek / Zombie Peepshow

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