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X-Style: Crossing the Line Between Urban and Goth


Let’s talk about fusion, because this term rules pretty much everything related to any creative process. Without fusion we would be doomed to see the same art, listen to the same music and yes wear the same clothing all the time. No surprises, no clash of styles with each other, nothing new whatsoever. Someone tells you about an apparel brand and says it’s all about 60’s retro and you already know exactly what you’ll see on their online store. Wouldn’t it be too damn boring? Yeah, I’d say so. That’s why we have His Majesty Fusion, that always gives the designers a galaxy-wide choice of styles, materials, technologies, elements and colors to impress us, because this is what it’s all about: mixing everything with everything up to a state when people finally say “Wow, I gotta have it!”

X-Style was launched in 2008 in Kiew, Ukraine and their initial profile was rather intended to please the demanding goth and medieval community, especially those selective customers who appreciated their stuff to be hand-made: corsets, purses, bracelets etc. Though even at the early stage X-Style’s products were looking not too authentic, always leaving some space for modern design elements. It was obvious the brand founders wanted not just to be another goth clothing brand, but to develop something original and expand the product line with their very own ideas. The maturing process has surely taken several years, but it wasn’t something you could possibly do overnight.

Looking through the X-Style store today I see… fusion! Don’t expect to find too many purely gothic models there, because the brand has gone in a completely different direction, prioritizing a smooth and elegant fusion of goth fashion with many other styles. Mixing goth, medieval and folk traditions with urban canons they let you not sink in black satin and leather and still look quite unusual. Say those dresses with Ukrainian folk ornaments or white short-sleeve shirts with a decent victorian influence look very original and suitable not just for an alternative party or any other special occasion, but for everyday life too. In other words I’d say X-Style looks like a very appropriate brand for those who’d like to find something in between, on the edge of gothic and stylish modern urban apparel.

The autumn and winter clothing draws some major attention, first and foremost because honestly I don’t see an alternative clothing brand with a high quality winter line that often. In this respect X-Style has a lot to offer, for instance, many different vegan leather jackets and coats with and without hoods and fur collars. Some of them were designed to keep their owners warm even in extreme cold conditions. Seems like even the winter clothing can look at least partly goth, it’s totally manageable.

However, if you’re looking for something closer to the classic goth or even steampunk stuff, you’ll find it here too, including fancy romantic dresses and more daring leather stuff, like corsets, short skirts etc. Unfortunately the main focus is set on ladies and guys won’t find much for themselves here… yeah, as always :)


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Albert is the proud (sometimes even too much) founder of this website. He was born in Ukraine and that kind of explains his passion for the alternative clothing, his funny English and weird music taste. Loves the fashion with a statement, any color as long as it's black and cats.

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  • Great brand! Own a velvet + satin gothic dress from one of their earlier collections. Currently they also run a shop in central Kiev.