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Women’s Denim Jacket By Junker Designs

Women's Denim Jacket By Junker Designs

As some of you might know Junker Designs is one of the most famous brands producing the hand-made stagewear, so if you’re a rock star and just want to look like one you should check this out. It’s hard to remember all the big guys who prefer to hit the stage being dressed by Junker – Marilyn Manson, Vince Neil, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Chris Kael, Chuck Garric, Calico Cooper, Gus G, the guys from Motley Crue and Dimmu Borgir and many many many others. As I said, these garments are hand-made and not cheap, so it’s not a big surprise some of them can be spotted on eBay sometimes. Like this new and never worn super cool women’s denim jacket with a zipper, the white lacing on the back and arms and with a big Junker Designs patch on the front. Very sharp one of a kind thing!

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