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Voodoo Vixen: Retro Fashion With a Modern Touch

Voodoo Vixen

Finding another brand designing retro and/or pin-up dresses and other apparel is always an aesthetical pleasure, especially for those who’s keen on 50’s and everything that comes with them in terms of visuals. Especially if this brand is professional enough to develop its own very special personality. Voodoo Vixen is exactly a business of this kind, having a full staff of in-house designers, two headquarters in UK and USA and an impressively huge fan base from the whole world.

The brand itself was founded in London, UK and as they say, their “designs are influenced by the glamorous styles of the past, whilst following current trends and fashion movements”. Which is exactly what it is when you go through their store gallery.

What makes Voodoo Vixen stand out from the long line of the brands working on the same market, is their intention to use their own textures and illustrations and not just use the old pin-up patterns over and over again. I’d also emphasize their appetence to mix the 50’s general fashion standards with the modern elements, sometimes even to the point where a certain model looks rather 70’s. It’s especially noticeable when Voodoo Vixen’s designers work with the pincheck and large floral illustrations. Still the majority of their models is pure, very elegant and at the same time sort of playful 50’s wave. Speaking about my personal favorites, I’d say the retro dresses with black cat textures look just awesome. And I really loved their Lola Tartan Flare Dress for its perfect elegance and particularity. That’s a pure class! I hope VV is going to do more steps in this direction.

Complimenting the curves is one of the main features of the pin-up/rockabilly fashion and it becomes obvious even if Voodoo Vixen is the first retro brand you’re looking at. What’s also great is 50’s fashion was (and is) very plus-size-friendly, that’s why many VV’s dresses are manufactured up to a size 4XL.


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