The Best Of Ali Express: Sportswear And Leggings

The Best Of Ali Express: Sportswear And Leggings

Yes, I know, I know, clothing from China has never been taken seriously, mainly because if you order it you can never guess the quality level. And yet still millions of people keep buying various stuff at Ali Express and loving it. Probably because the quality of Chinese goods got a lot better with time and shopping at Ali stopped being a pig in a poke, at least not so much as it used to be a few years back. Another thing that helps is Ali’s rating system and if you see something with a 5-star rating left by several hundred buyers it usually means it’s perfectly alright. Also if you don’t receive your garments or they’re not good, you can always request a 100% refund, so it’s pretty much safe too. And the main reason is as always the price which is normally a lot lower than anywhere else. So I think we could try doing some small reviews of the best stuff Ali Express can suggest and will see if it goes good enough. Looking forward to your likes, comments and private messages!

Let’s start with something that’s always in great demand – sportswear and leggings. Luckily Ali Express is a paradise for sports fans.

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HU&GH Leggings With Futuristic Texture

The classic leggings with geometric and slightly futuristic monochrome texture. Available in 2 variations: in gray and white and in black, gray and white. The materials used are traditional polyester, polyamide, and also cotton. The price is a fairy tale: $6.90 or € 6,01. The rating is 4.5/5 with 589 votes. The link to the article >>>


Santic Cycling Short Sleeve Jersey Shirt

This short sleeve men’s jersey shirt is made mainly for cycling but can be used pretty much for any fitness activity. It’s made of polyester and has a very cool dynamic design. Like the most of modern sportswear pieces, it’s reflective, lets your skin breath and provides your body with additional ventilation. Available in red and blue. Right now it’s available for $32.00 / € 27,86 which is quite a good deal. The rating is 4.8/5 with 21 votes. The link to the article >>>


Simenual Women’s Plaid Gradient Leggings

These leggings were clearly inspired by the classic sexy stockings with suspenders and the idea was kind of too good to belong someone. As I know some legitimate clothing brands sell this kind of leggings too, but here you can buy them for just $12.12 / € 10,52. The rating is 4.8/5 with 247 votes. The link to the article >>>


Lelinta Seamless Sports Bra

One of those cases when a sports bra is both highly functional and looks cool, so if you’re a person who thinks it’s important to look great in a gym – go for it. Its design is seamless and it means no snaps you should remember about. The bra is available in black, gray and beige and you can order it for $4.07 or € 3,54. The rating is 4.8/5 with 14 votes. The link to the article >>>


Weimostar Cycling Cosmic Doodle Jersey Shirt

This jersey shirt is for you if you prefer a funny space doodle instead of usual dynamic textures this kind of fitness garments usually have. This piece has a zipper and is made of polyester so during your exercise your body would be able to breathe and don’t collect the sweat. It costs $13.76 – 14.55 / € 11,95 – 12,63 and the rating is 4.7/5 with 86 votes. The link to the article >>>


Syprem Sports Bra

This one is kind of teasy, yet it looks stable and reliable enough for any fitness action despite just one shoulder strap. Available in black and cherry red. Costs $15.38 / € 13,35 and the rating is 4.9/5 with 97 votes. The link to the article >>>


El Dia De Los Muertos White Jersey Shirt

Another fitness jersey shirt with a great monochrome El Dia De Los Muertos texture with a huge skull and black stripes. As usual, it’s made of polyester and meant for various fitness activities. Costs $14.56 / € 12,64 and the rating is 4.8/5 with 536 votes. The link to the article >>>


Soft Pads Cycling Shorts

These elastic polyester wear-resistant cycling shorts do differ from the usual ones with the special pads protecting your private parts from possible injuries. The pads are filled with silicone and should protect you just fine, especially if you’re into the long rides. The price is $8.47 / € 7,36 and the rating is 4.8/5 with 2178 votes. The link to the article >>>


Duzuolover Sports Bra

This bra is pretty standard, except for an interesting back smartphone pocket. Pretty cool and useful detail, I’d say. It’s available in 4 different textures, including a plain black one. The price is $7.49 / € 6,51 and the rating is 4.7/5 with 137 votes. The link to the article >>>


Qickitout Diamond Leggings

Here’s something bright and motley for a change – the leggings with some sort of a glass painting texture. I’m not sure the pictures are not a “Photoshop”, but well the article already has a lot of 5/5 votes, so I guess the quality and looks are fine. The price is $6.64 – 8.54 / € 5,77 – 7,42 and the rating is 4.8/5 with 99 votes. The link to the article >>>


X-Tigert Pro Cycling Raincoat

This waterproof and windproof raincoat is created especially for the intense fitness activity. Made of nylon and polyester it’s meant to let your body breath and it has some special zones to let the air in, like on the back and under the arms. The raincoat has also a couple of zipped pockets where you could put some useful little things you might need along the road. Available in dark gray, white and acid green. The price is $18.30 / € 15,89 and the rating is 4.8/5 with 184 votes. The link to the article >>>


Nadanbao Barbarian Skull Leggings

Here you’ll find several types of leggings with the designs obviously inspired by the classic sci-fi and also steampunk culture. They look cool. though again the previews are not real and rather “photoshopped” at the moment. On the other hand, these articles have almost a thousand of very positive votes, so I assume they’re totally alright. The price is $6.98 / € 6,06 and the rating is 4.8/5 with 921 votes. The link to the article >>>


Fualrny Cycling Jersey Shirt

These fitness jersey shirts are available in 17 different designs and some of them are really good. Featurewise it’s pretty usual polyester sportswear with all the usual functions you could expect from it. The price is $12.46 / € 10,82 and the rating is 4.8/5 with 136 votes. The link to the article >>>


Miloto Cycling Jersey Shirt

Another good-looking fitness jersey shirts and another 10 designs you might like, including the ones with the German and Australian symbols. The price is $13.58 / € 11,79 and the rating is 4.8/5 with 599 votes. The link to the article >>>


Nadanbao Oriental Leggings

Here you can find the fitness leggings with 4 different designs, all of them are rather oriental and floral, totally right for yoga :) The price is $8.51 / € 7,39 and the rating is 4.7/5 with 444 votes. The link to the article >>>

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