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Sullen Clothing: from California to the world

Sullen Clothing

“I miss the Apple and my schoolyard boys, nothing ever will compare, but now I skateboard with my surfer girl and we really are a pair. When I moved to California…” (c) Lenny Kravitz. Have you ever been in California? I haven’t yet, but cinema was always there to help me out. Sometimes when you’d like to get a basic impression about something all you need to do is watch a couple of movies. It won’t give you a profound understanding of things, but well, you might feel a bit the overall aura of a place. Try watching “Speed”, “Boogie Nights”, “Jackie Brown” or his royal dudeness “The Big Lebowski” and may be you’ll get a light and delicate understanding of what California was and is about, because it sure has its very special allure.

Sullen Clothing was founded in Huntington Beach, California in 2001 as an act of collaboration between several local artists, illustrators and tattooers who were eager to express their passion for Southern California culture and tattoo inspired art. In a while this small group has grown into a globally known “Art Collective” whose main idea was signified as the statement that all forms of art should be promoted and any creative ideas should be shared with the whole wide world.

What will you find in the Sullen Clothing store? At the first blush the product range isn’t so fancy here: tees, hats and bikinis. Not much, but that’s why you need the second glance for a much closer look. These t-shirts look awesome, some of them could be taken as pieces of art, and you can easily realize those designs were created by the people very much passionate about their craft. Of course you have to be a good artist/illustrator to create good t-shirts designs and this is usually the case, but this work is really something special. Some of those designs are quite complex and detailed. You can also sense a certain style in them, close to the Californian beach and especially tattoo culture. And I love the fact that they all are very different because all those t-shirts were created by different artists of “Art Collective” in noticeably different manners.

Except the tees, Sullen Clothing sells the caps and bikinis, both quite minimalistic (which is certainly good for bikinis), but stylish. Other additional products are sunglasses and backpacks. What more could you possible need for a sunny day on the beach?


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