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Sourpuss Clothing: Graveyard Pretties

Sourpuss Clothing

It’s really fascinating how a whole unique clothing genre might sometimes be born from a fantastically sudden symbiosis of some things that don’t relate to each other whatsoever. Like pickles and strawberry ice cream or like a shark and a Pekinese or like zombies and punk rock… Wait a minute, the latter is not so much of a nonsense actually :) Classic horror movies and novels, 50’s/60’s fashion, zombies, tattoos, pinups and punk rock – if you take any of those things separately it would have its own very clear conception, but if you put them in a cauldron and bring to the boil, you’ll get a very special toxic killer mutant called psychobilly. And it takes no prisoners!

Sourpuss Clothing was launched in 2001 in USA and has been a very active independent brand since then. Perhaps one of the main goals was not to get sold or swallowed up by a bigger clothing corporation and become an almost invisible part of somebody else’s huge catalogue, so Sourpuss has chosen to gather a team of driven people who really dig what they do and go its own way, creating the clothing and accessories they love and sell them along with the products of many other kindred clothing brands. Classic do-it-yourself attitude, exactly what I admire the most.

The Sourpuss catalogue shouldn’t leave you disappointed. If you’re a woman and you’re into punk and psychobilly (oops, there’s nothing for guys, except for a couple of pairs of socks), they have lots of sweet stuff for you: dresses, beachwear, scarves, tees, skirts, shorts, vests, pants, beanies, gloves, warm sweaters etc. Plus a lot of cool accessories, like great horror patches, earrings, pillows, umbrellas and purses. Speaking about the overall design it’s as “psycho” as it gets. I loved the tattoo-like textures they use for their dresses and bags, especially the ones with zombies :) Oh, and I also noticed they have some licensed Stray Cats, Johnny Cash, Ramones and Misfits merchandise (I guess they design it themselves, so this stuff is really unique).

Worth mentioning that Sourpuss Clothing doesn’t forget about plus-size models and even about kids clothing which is very sweet (they even have their own kids footwear!). Summing it all up, the brand is very authentic and as a punk, psychobilly or oi fan you should bookmark their website right now!


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