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What do most people wear on a regular day? It’s safe to say their choice usually falls on something casual, something comfy that wouldn’t let them get tired too soon or bring them any difficulties. I mean you can’t go wrong with a check shirt and your jeans won’t ever betray you, so why look farther? Still fortunately there’s such thing as urban fashion and it’s called so for reason. Foremost it was created for everyday life in a city, so it’s very comfortable. Secondly it’s not faceless, it gives you a chance to express yourself, to tell people something with the way you look. And last but not least – it lets you avoid the big clothing networks with their crazy packed stores (don’t even get me started about a big store shopping on a weekend!). Same with the footwear. We all do know what we normally can find in our local huge stores and let’s face it, all those brands have different names but sell pretty much the same boring stuff. That’s not our way folks, let’s go an extra mile and find something original for a change!

The brand called SixtySeven was founded in 2010 in the small town of Elche (really close to Alicante), Spain, with a focus solely set on the footwear for women. Looking at their product line you can’t help feeling it was the hot Spanish sun that gave SixtySeven its light and sunny attitude. It’s simply there and you can feel it! They say their footwear unites the a New York look, Spanish ideas and Stockholm sophistication and that seems to be perfectly true, because some sort of a fusion is definitely visible there (and you know we love fusion!). It’s like a cocktail of various cultures, standards, materials and designs.

As you can see they work with the footwear for any season, including warmer types of shoes for autumn and winter, though I can’t be sure if it’s the Spanish winter or the winter winter (there’s a big difference, hehe). Judging by design and general look this footwear should be quite good for a typical city life. It’s very modern, original and sometimes even experimental, as some of the shoes have some kind of a futuristic vibe in them (look at the photo #4 above). Especially I love the autumn/winter shoes where they used some imitation fur. I don’t see such elements that often and I must say SixtySeven use them very smart and stylish. And of course, if you’re worried by the social aspect, all this footwear is equally good for a party and office, so just chill, no skulls, bones and pentagrams anywhere :)

The prices are quite affordable, they are rather a middle-level, nothing like a fortune/pair or something, just the fair prices for the fair quality. The only real problem I saw is the language divide, because the SixtySeven web-store is in Spanish only (at the moment), but you can always fix it with a little help of Google Translate. Alternatively you can try to find the brand’s products in the real stores since they are available Europe-wide and even in USA.


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