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Red Queen’s Black Legion: Protecting the Cuteness

Red Queen's Black Legion

How about a gothic / steampunk clothing brand from China? You could ask me what so special could be about that and I’d say… well, everything! I’m aware of the fact there are lots and lots of “dark” brands in Europe and their number still goes up year after year. And I wouldn’t entrench upon the truth if I’d say they all look very interesting, but in a while you kind of know what you can expect from them. Of course every brand is unique, but we know the European gothic fashion, it’s around us and we’re familiar with it’s style and it’s general direction. At the same time if we speak about gothic garments crafted in such countries like China or Japan, we can expect something completely different. It’s still gothic fashion, make no mistake about that, but gone through many very special cultural filters. That’s what all the interesting things come from – an original multicultural mutation. That’s what I wanna see! Gimme something different!

The brand’s name alone is capable to draw your attention – Red Queen’s Black Legion or, as they call it in short, RQ-BL. The idea behind it was an epic security legion warriors protecting their queen even at cost of their own lives. Well, that surely gives a lot for imagination. The brand itself is a quite serious business selling their apparel worldwide and having official representatives in almost any country on the globe. RQ-BL’s chief designer Can Chan and his team have managed to develop a very impressive product line and I’d say they do have something to be proud of.

What makes RQ-BL different from the most of European gothic brands is their approach to the apparel design. First of all, it’s more complex and I was very impressed with their love for small details. And secondly – and it’s really easy to see – cuteness has pride of place here. It’s really funny if you think a bit about it. European gothic fashion is way more aloof and aggressive and when I see through these Chinese designs I see nothing but elegance and cuteness :) Especially when it comes to Gothic Lolita models where that cuteness breaks all the levees! Please also pay attention to the fact they are not scared to use colors: blue, red and even pink find their perfect places here. Black didn’t go anywhere, it’s sacred and it’s still the most used color in the underground fashion, but I loved that RQ-BL don’t forget there are actually more colors in the world. Speaking about the garments I liked the most, it was the jackets definitely influenced by 18. century military uniform. RQ-BL have a few of them both for men and ladies. Generally I like the brand’s intention to mix the steam punk traditions with historical apparel and usually the results look quiet classy. And you should definitely take a look at their collection of hand-made gothic and steampunk accessiories, because some of them look really fantastic (like that one hair decoration looking like a sailing ship).

The only thing that left me a little frustrated was the banners of Red Queen’s Black Legion’s 2013 collection on the website. You know, nothing tells me the business is in trouble more than a 4-years-old promo ad on its home page. I almost thought it was dead and not active anymore, but then I found their Facebook account and it looked safe and sound, so I hope RQ-BL is still alright and working hard on a new collection.


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