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Out of Trend is 1 Year Old!

Out Of Trend - we're 1 year old!

Hey, do you have any idea what day is today? You’re absolutely right, Out Of Trend was launched on the 1st of April exactly 1 year ago! How cool is that?! Just a little step for the mankind but sort of a big deal for us :) 12 months isn’t that much, but we’ve still managed to accomplish something, like for instance we’ve written und published 63 articles for the alternative clothing brands! 63. What is it if not a good start?! :)

The first year was all about trial and error, some of our ideas were great and some – oh not so great, but we’re still searching for our way and breaking through to our audience. Which grows by the way! Seriously we’ve never expected Out Of Trend would attract that many people during our very first year! Without any promos whatsoever! We’ve spent zero coins for our advertising and still you’ve paid us so much attention! Thank you for that!! We’d like to thank our audience on Instagram too, we love seeing you guys getting more and more active and your feedback is priceless! So…

Happy birthday to us!!!

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Albert is the proud (sometimes even too much) founder of this website. He was born in Ukraine and that kind of explains his passion for the alternative clothing, his funny English and weird music taste. Loves the fashion with a statement, any color as long as it's black and cats.

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