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New Rock: Originality Above All

New Rock

Writing about a legend is always hard as hell, because no matter what you say, it wouldn’t be enough. Imagine a brand of brands, a brand that has basically started it all and become almost a common noun of its own kind, an ultimate symbol of not only at least several subcultures, but the alternative fashion in general. A brand everybody knows, a brand every metal/goth/biker person starts her/his wardrobe with. A brand that seems to be a huge influence for every other goth footwear brand out there, though some of them would never admit it, but… c’mon… :) The Spanish company New Rock was there before almost anybody and set its flag on the very top.

It was February of 1929 when the company’s founder, Antonio Ortuño Martínez began making his very first shoes, though it took 49 years to transform his small business into a real international brand with the headquarters in Yecla, Murcia, Spain. In 1978 the brand, managed by the next Ortuño generation, got its famous name New Rock and also found a very intriguing creative direction. In just several years it has become one of the most remarkable manufacturers of alternative footwear worldwide. Being very different from other brands on the market, New Rock embraced the whole alternative culture at once, starting from bikers and rock music fans and finishing with the new-born back then gothic wave.

The main New Rock’s features are widely known: classy stylish look, awesome leather (later also vegan leather), metal heels, cool lacing (often through-the-heel lacing), lots of metal decorations, very stable and massive bottoms. The quality has always been above and beyond any compliments too. Looking at the current New Rock product line you could clearly see how well-timed this brand was and is: generations come and go, but every and each of them gets something from New Rock. I do remember how much the 90’s generation was influenced by such movies like “Matrix”, “Blade”, “Alien: Resurrection” or “Underworld”, whose characters were wearing New Rock boots, and soon you couldn’t imagine a dark party without lots of people wearing “new-rocks”. If you were into rock/metal/goth music, you couldn’t help noticing your heroes wearing those boots on- and off-stage all the time, and if I start naming them now, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be possible, because it’s really easier to list those who’ve never wore them (even Spice Girls did it!). A little later New Rock became a solid part of the steampunk community too. This brand’s position in the world remains the same and that’s why you still can buy their boots literally everywhere, in any alternative/goth/rock shop or of course online. When it gets to the gothic boots, New Rock is still a default (not the cheapest though) choice.

Being a subcultural phenomenon New Rock doesn’t seem to forget about people who simply needs a really good footwear, so you can look through the current product catalogue and find more casual and playful models or even shoes you could wear with a business suit. They are not as heavy as the goth boots and don’t have all those infamous metal skulls and chains, but still look awesome and can impress you with all the New Rock’s lasting qualities you know this brand for.

What’s worth mentioning too is that lately New Rock has also officially begun to manufacture apparel, like leather jackets, pants, skirts etc., plus some leather accessories, including belts and bags with the brand’s visual identity. In 2013 they hosted their first Fashion Weekend (it took place in the headquarters in Spain), only to make a huge international effort next year when they brought the New Rock Fashion Weekend to the London Edge fair. Another one followed in May 2014, this time in Jakarta, Indonesia.


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