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Larp Fashion: LARP Like a Boss

Larp Fashion

In case you don’t know, and I really hope I’m going to open something completely new for you – “LARP” is an acronym for “Live Action Role-Playing Games”. Basically it’s an awesome (and quite expensive) hobby for those people who love epic books and movies much enough to gather with other like-minded people, wear epic costumes and play war games, often staging selected stories from their favorite books or making huge (not deadly) battles. I know it can look childish at first sight, but in reality it also could be a very cool thing, especially if the players take their hobby seriously and pay attention to the quality of their costumes and overall production. The idea is clear, but what about the costumes? They can be very difficult in making and not everyone could simply create one at home! Just recall one of the fabulous battle scenes from “The Lord of the Rings” or “Game of Thrones” with those incredibly detailed and authentic costumes and you’ll get an idea what a hard task stands before the serious LARP players. It’s good that there are special clothing brands to take care of them!

Larp Fashion (the name really speaks for itself) is a known German brand delivering an ambitious range of medieval and gothic apparel and footwear. As they say their online store has over 8.000 products right now and it doesn’t seem to be an exaggeration.

Frankly when I first saw the leather armour these people do, it left me goddamn speechless. Just look at those pictures! Everything’s done with such love and care! Especially I was astonished by the breast and body armour sets and belts. Larp Fashion really know how to work with leather and metal, and their designs shouldn’t leave you disappointed. What’s worth mentioning too is the etched and embossed textures they use on the chest and shoulder parts. Those are truly beautiful crafted and make the armours look like one of a kind products. Want to be surprised even more? They even sell sell do-it-yourself kits so people could create their own armour! I’ve never seen anybody else offering that, so… again, I’m speechless :)

Of course there are not only epic armours in the Larp Fashion store, but also many other types of LARP costumes for ladies, men and children: tunics, capes, coats, skirts, dresses and even footwear. Various accessories and jewellery are here too to let you create a complete character. Out of ideas? May be the “Complete costumes” section will help you, because the brand delivers the complete LARP outfits too.

Oh, almost forgot – Larp Fashion sells and re-sells the gothic apparel from various brands too (such as Aderlass etc). If you pay a visit to the “Gothic” section of their shop you’ll see a decently wide range of various gothic and punk apparel. It’s all good and stuff, but… man, it’s impossible to watch it carefully enough after you just saw the LARP collection, really :) Still worth checking out.


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