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Kreepsville 666: Wear to Scare

Kreepsville 666

Kreepsville 666 was founded in 2006 in Scotland by the married couple Ash and Michelle Ghoulmore. Both were (and are!) major horror fans and both dedicated their lives to their brand and the “scare wear” scene in general (they even officially changed their surname from Gilmore, so I doubt it could get any more serious). The couple has never wanted to do anything but living their own dream in the world of punk rock, goth subculture, classic horror movies and everything that comes with all that. Alternative fashion was a right way to go!

An early predecessor of Kreepsville 666 was Michelle’s shop Retro Rebels she started in 1996. In 2001 she even launched an online store and people were using it even though it had no shopping cart and people had to print their orders and use normal (paper… still remember it?) mail to send Michelle their order information and a check or cash. May be it wasn’t a huge and powerful modern kind of an online store, but it surely gave Michelle lots of experience, also in everything related to the business side. Kreepsville 666 was born later in 2006 and it was already a family business with both Ash and Michelle standing behind it: Ash was busy with the product design and Michelle took all the business stuff. Still they felt there would be more success for their brand in USA and in 2011 Ghoulmores sold their store and moved to Los Angeles.

Kreepsville 666 style is clear like a drop of virgin’s blood and you should really dig it if you love this scene in general. Born in a mighty clash of punk with horror aesthetics it’s there to arouse either love or hate, but if you’re into the classic horror movies and comic books and not a stranger to a decent dose of dark humor, you’ll rather love it very very much. I’d say we could divide the Kreepsville 666 into two sections: their own designs and the clothing they make under licence. Of course the brand was started with the clothng Ghoulmores designed themselves and it’s a classic type of rock’n’roll/punk apparel and accessories with really great graphic design! My favorite one is probably the black Devil texture used on several blood red garments on the brand’s store, like dresses, tees and long-sleeves. Awesome job!

Speaking about the licensed apparel I can’t deny the fact that Kreepsville 666 is very likely one of the best brands in this business. Right now they produce a major part of the official garments from Elvira (the Mistress of the Dark!), Mars Attacks, Vampira, EC Comics and some others, and it really doesn’t look like anything you could expect. Usually when it comes to the licensed apparel, everything the brands do is use a logo or the illustrations in their initial state, but Ash Ghoulmore really does everything to make the Kreepsville 666 licensed merchandise look like no other. If I had to choose, I’d say their Elvira and Mars Attacks are the best-looking collections I’ve seen, and other Elvira and Mars Attacks apparel I saw on eBay and Amazon before looks like some sort of cheap copies to me now.

If you’d like to purchase something from Kreepsville 666 you can visit their store “Monster-A-GoGo” on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles and say hi or if it’s too far from you just shop online.


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