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Hades Footwear: Provocative, Sexy and Vegan

Hades Footwear

It’s quite interesting to meditate on the question “What makes us choose a certain style of apparel or footwear?” At first the comfort seems to be the right answer, but then you see plenty of people wearing the stuff that can’t be the most comfortable in the world to wear, it just can’t. And then a more presumable option comes: we choose our style and our brands because of the way they make us look in our own eyes and because of how we feel when we’re fully equipped. I guess there’s simply a general style or a certain brand that makes us… us. As simple as it sounds. The most people are not ready to abandon their look, but to some degree can simply give up on convenience. Especially when they see some sort of apparel that makes them say: yeah, this is certainly me. And you know what – I think it’s excellent, otherwise we’d be doomed to wear simple jeans and sneakers for our lifetime. Luckily a lot of us appreciate more originality and that’s what lets us constantly look around and keep noticing all those various new amazing clothing and footwear brands. Over and above – some of them are simply great and some of them do real art, not less. The art you can wear!

As you can see on the photos the Hades shoes really don’t look like anything else you might spot on the shelves in your local goth store.

Hades Footwear is a female footwear brand I’ve detected years ago and if you look at the photos below you’d understand why I still remember that so well. It was started in 2010 in USA as Metropolis, but changed the name for Hades Footwear soon after that. The aim was to design something that didn’t exist on the market at that time – the “provocative heels and sexy footwear” with a very special design touch. Well, the result was so impressive that nowadays Hades Footwear is known literally anywhere as the designer and manufacturer of one of the most original footwear lines ever.

As you can see on the photos the Hades shoes really don’t look like anything else you might spot on the shelves in your local goth store. They do look amazing, unique and sexy and you can clearly see they were designed by a real artist. When it comes to Hades it’s never about “we’re going to make the same shoes like everybody else, but we’d add a couple of very own little things here and there”, it’s rather about some very serious and original design process behind every product. One of the most remarkable of their features is the metal-styled bottom and usually it looks like HR Giger himself held his hands to it! The tops seem to be even more original than the bottoms though. Just like the alien was “a perfect creature” – every Hades pair looks like a perfect mutation of various fancy materials, like leather, fur, metal and so on, plus don’t forget a truly filigreed work with various small but extremely important accessories like laces, locks and studs. Stylewise it’s often on the edge between fetish, goth and steampunk, though sometimes one of these directions starts forward and dominates.

Is there anything else special about this brand? Yes, I guess so. For instance Hades Footwear is a proud 100% vegan clothing brand, it means they don’t use any real animal leather whatsoever. I think it’s splendid, because when it comes to the real progress in the society someone has to be the first, the leader who would pave the way for the others. And finally if you already can smell the fun-killing prices, you can really chill, because the Hades’ price policy is really reasonable. If you know the general prices for this kind of alternative footwear, I think you won’t be disappointed, they’re quite competitive.

WWW: https://hadesfootwear.com

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