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Gloomth And The Cult Of Melancholy: The Beauty of Decay


Do you love to mourn? Do you find a certain pleasure in apprehension of the world’s mortality? Do you see a special beauty in the fact that everything around you dies slowly but unavoidably? No worries, lots of people do. Though I seriously doubt they love death itself, but its aesthetic side can be unspeakably beautiful. The beauty of death has been praised so many times in in so many forms you hardly could be unaware of the subject – whether you watched a movie like Lars von Trier’s “Melancholia” or happened to like one of countless goth or doom metal records (there’s even a style named “funeral doom”… for reason!) or bought a philosophic book about our existence. At last you could play one of those video games that certainly have a lot to do with aesthetics of death and decay like “American McGee’s Alice” or “Soma”. When it comes to the fashion, nothing uncovers a picture of a fairy world dying than the Victorian era with its eclectic yet demure black-and-white dresses, laces and striped stockings. Sounds vintage, but it’s not your usual fandango dress. You missed your ball, Cinderella, now it’s time for a funeral…

The brand with a telling-it-all name Gloomth And The Cult Of Melancholy was founded in 2007 in Canada by the clothing designer known as Taeden. The brand seems quite young, but already managed to gain quite a credibility within the international goth community. One of the most valued features the Gloomth fans tend to praise is the uniqueness of every brand’s product, since the mass production is not the way it goes.

Speaking about the Gloomth And The Cult Of Melancholy’s main theme I can’t shake the feeling I’m watching the costumes made for a dark fairy tale, and not the one where the main characters will live happily ever after. They’re rather for an imaginary Victorian world corrupted by a slow yet deadly disease. As Taeden herself says, the things that seem negative to us “can sometimes give way to profound growth and truly moving artwork”. Can’t argue with that, it gives her a lot of beautiful ideas for her apparel, that’s for sure. As I already said, the Gloomth products mostly remind me of the Victorian era, but you can notice it’s not always the case. Some of these garments definitely have certain more classic, almost Halloweenish touches. It’s also hard to overlook the influence of Lewis Carroll’s Alice or rather her goth alter ego – Alice from “American McGee’s Alice”. When it comes to the photo sessions you always see those Alice-related hints, like cricket clubs, carved keys or (dead?) white rabbit toys… so I believe it’s obvious Taeden wants us to see her products in this certain entourage.

What you should really take into account is the fact that none of the Gloomth products was mass produced, so if you buy something you get a unique hand-crafted piece of clothing, entirely made in the brand’s own studio in Ontario, Canada. Right now you can choose from several Gloomth collections available from their website or use an option to buy something made especially for you and according to your personal measurements. Also I’d like to add they have plenty of plus size apparel, something that goth brands rarely care about.


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