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Fitstar: Old Sports, New Approach


Following trends can be funny and helpful at first, but I believe at some point any serious alternative clothing brand’s owner should ask herself/himself what’s next. I mean the tried-and-tested standards work for everybody and at first it must be important for any new fashion designer to make sure they work for her/him as well, but the next questions should probably be “Ok, how could I upgrade it to the next level? What could I deliver from myself?” And if this question comes at the right time there’s always a pretty good chance to knock out the target and come up with something that would make your clothing really shine. And it may seem unlikely at first, but I keep finding more and more of this in the world of sportswear. It’s booming!

What stroke my eyes immediately is the Fitstar’s approach to design and I’d say it’s pretty special.

The Canadian brand Fitstar is particularly young (it was launched in November of 2016) but it surely compensates its tender age with the overwhelming energy put into the promotion and of course persistent attempts to surprise the market with something fresh. And by “fresh” I mean lots of very fascinating (if not innovative) design ideas that really made Fitstar stand out and has already helped them to gather quite an army of the loyal fans.

What stroke my eyes immediately is the Fitstar’s approach to design and I’d say it’s pretty special. Let’s see! The most of the sports brands tend to focus on some sort of the abstract graphic elements and textures, but Fitstar loves to use something very evident yet with the clear (often rather erotic) visual statement – like these leggings with the sexy stockings or leather fetish harness imagery. Well that looks very refreshing! The idea with the leggings equipped with a special smartphone pocket is simple yet you cannot underestimate its brilliance, because don’t even try to tell me you go to the gym without your smartphone and you’re not sick and tired of having to hold it all the time :) If I had to choose my favorite Fitstar product it would most definitely be The Knitprint Leggings because they look simply amazing and super cute. Great idea! The texture looks so real I almost took it for the real knitting. By the way The Rope Leggings (the leggings with the very realistic rope texture) are worth checking out too! The brand’s product line also includes quite a wide variety of sports bras with various designs and support types to make your gym look complete and highly comfortable. The materials can be very different: spandex, polyester, polyamide, elastine etc.

All in all what I liked the most about this brand is its tendency to create something very own and very original, to try going beyond the standards – and that’s what makes it interesting for us and for our website in particular. May be you’d find some of the Fitstar designs a bit too explicit, but hey, something different is exactly what this world always needs. Keep looking around!


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