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Famous Stars And Straps: Star Attitude and Punk Rock

Famous Stars And Straps

We’ve had many kinds of alternative clothing brands here, big brands, small brands, classic brands, experimental brands, funny brands, tuff brands, i-want-to-believe brands, glad-to-be-alive brands, call-me-angel-of-death brands – we’ve seen them all, but today’s the day you’re going to observe something new, specifically – a clothing brand founded by a rock star himself. Yes, guys, some musicians don’t really want to limit themselves with just music and do feel inspiration for literature, various business ventures or – yes – fashion. And today we’re going to take a look at an alternative brand called Famous Stars And Straps founded by none other than Travis Barker of the band Blink-182.

The brand’s philosophy seems quite simple, yet interesting. Being a very socially active person himself, Travis Barker tried to gather not really a customer base, but some kind of an elite club of those who want to be stars for life, who push it beyond any limits and dream big. As you see it’s not only about selling apparel, it’s rather like suggesting you to become a member of some sort of a family, which is a very smart marketing move. Like if life challenges you for 110% and you can give 111%, you really belong to Famous Stars And Straps. This brand has gone beyond just trying to make you look cool and wants to let you express yourself by sharing the same values as the other FSS’s family members. As I said, that’s definitely smart, because philosophy often eats style for breakfast.

Moving on to the clothing. Well, I’d lie if I told you it’s super original. It’s mostly quite usual t-shirts, hoodies, sport jackets and tops any urban clothing brand can offer. I bet all the Famous Stars And Straps products are great quality, but if you’re going for some original designs you’d probably want to search somewhere else. Don’t get me wrong, it’s decent apparel with some really nice illustrations, just not too inventive one. Still I liked some graphic designs, like those inspired by the bands Ramones and Misfits, and the socks with the old cassette tags are really funny too. The most of things are unisex, though there are some female tees and even a special category with tees for kids.

I found the slogan “Thank god for punk rock” really striking too, though I doubt it’s god who we should thank for punk rock. Or they’re trying to say Ramones and Misfits are gods? No objections then :)


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