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Envied Clothing: Dark Legends In The Streets


It’s very fascinating to see how sometimes a subculture produces the fashion. Usually, they work conversely or simultaneously, but not when it comes to the tattoo artists and their images. Tattoo art has been developing for ages, permanently changing styles and messages, but one thing has always been stable – its visual power. The whole sense of a tattoo is expressing something with just one image, and it can be literally anything: starting from a political or social statement and finishing with your favorite band’s logo. Any tattoo is meant to tell something important about its owner – exactly as the right clothing does, so the idea to transfer this kind of illustrations to the garments makes a perfect sense… Like what’s good as a tattoo must look fabulous on a tee! So, just naturally, the tattoo art and fashion have become the perfect brothers in arms.

The composition, the colors, the volume – all is perfect here and I bet you’d look awesome in one of those tees if you’re into the dark alternative fashion.

Luckily we don’t have to go far for a good example – the brand Envied Clothing demonstrates perfectly how this principle works. Being founded in 2017 in Knoxville, Tennessee as a project of a tattoo model and fashion enthusiast Sarah Claxton, the brand happened to become a perfect fusion of the alternative fashion and the best traditions of the tattoo subculture. Sounds edgy, doesn’t it? Let’s take a closer look…

Envied Clothing delivers both male and female garments with more or less same style and imagery, so no “damn, they have only girly tees with the illustration I like” situations here. If you find something you feel like having you’re more than likely to find it of your gender and size. In general, the whole Envied product line consists of usual urban clothing pieces we all wear on the daily basis, like tees, tops, and hoodies, but it’s the imagery what makes them really stand out. And these illustrations are the best ones you can hope getting in case you’re lucky enough to find a truly skilled tattoo artist! All of them are like some sort of the gateways to some distant dark and mystic worlds of half-forgotten legends, full of sinister magic and deadly curses. The composition, the colors, the volume – all is perfect here and I bet you’d look awesome in one of those tees if you’re into the dark alternative fashion. If I had to choose a couple of my personal favs, I’d say it’s definitely two designs that made my imagination run wild: “Mystical Beast” (the one with a unicorn and a unicorn skull) and “Praise” (the illustration with a six-armed dark god). That’s what I call a great work! You just can’t help watching these illustrations over and over again, each time finding something new in them. They would look cool on your skin and they look cool on the black t-shirts, no doubt about that.

I’m not sure the Envied clothes are too easy to find if you live outside of US, so I’d suggest you shop at the brand’s official web store.


All images © Envied

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