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Dracula Clothing: Dark Yet Aristocratic

Dracula Clothing

I hope it doesn’t sound too pretentious (so what, even if it does?), but I’m truly in love with the goth fashion mainly because it’s basically never possible to say you know it. You just explore it layer after layer only to find out you’re still damn far from the end. After so many dark clothing brands seen, festivals and parties attended and movies watched it would be so sweet to say “Ok, I’ve seen it all, give me a medal”, yet there’s a stubborn sense of reality inside you whispering “You know nothing, Jon Snow”… Seems like the dark/goth fashion literally has no end and I see a few reasons for that. First and foremost the days when the goth fashion was chained by some strict underground rules are long gone to hell (Oh how I miss those good old “true/not true” battles on Internet!). Secondly, the new dark sub-genres still come to life every year. And the last but not least, it looks like every creative person sees this culture in her/his own very special way – that’s why after all these years we keep discovering so many awesome clothing brands and none of them looks like the others. Isn’t it intriguing?

It just strikes me how much effort was given to make these garments look so special and different.

The brand Dracula Clothing was created in 2007 in Czech Republic by Truls Stokka and Ida Walle Thorsen, who were totally grasped with the idea of creating elegant and sophisticated dark and goth clothing which could be very affordable in terms of consumer prices. As we all know the main conflict in fashion is usually the price/quality ratio. Everything costs something and the better the garments are the more they cost. Still there’s a hope for us all, because so many brands (including Dracula Clothing) actually try to solve the puzzle. In this particular case Dracula decided to outsource the manufacturing process to Asia. Many clothing designers and brands don’t do it because of their (well, obvious) fear to fail at the quality control, but this brand managed to solve this problem somehow. Truls Stokka says he only works with those tailors who proved their reliability, plus sometimes he pays them a personal visit just to make sure everything’s perfect.

It’s enough to cast a quick glance at Dracula’s collection to feel a very special vibe dominating here, probably something like vintage Victorian fashion meets steampunk meets modern romatic wave. I know the guys behind the brand call it “Aristocrat goth” and I can totally get why. First of all I rarely see the mass-produced goth clothing so detailed and gracefully designed. It just strikes me how much effort was given to make these garments look so special and different. And it’s not only about the corsets (both male and female), because dresses, coats, pants, shoes and other products here bear the exact same impress of care and profound understanding of how an awesome romantic goth outfit should look like. Again, Dracula Clothing designers don’t limit their horizons with only Victorian/steampunk-influenced fashion and actively experiment with various modern elements, trying to reach a certain interesting mix of old and new tendencies which often looks very interesting and fresh. There’s also a place for some classic goth stuff like male skirts, leather pants etc. Speaking about my personal preferences, I loved their steampunk coats, because to be honest you rarely see a dark brand paying some major attention to the autumn/winter clothing.

I’d also suggest you to take a close look at the accessories section of the Dracula Clothing store, since you can actually find lots of stuff to complete your character there, like various contact lenses, gloves, chokers, steampunk goggles and even some fancy-looking pocket watches. If it’s not what you’re looking for, you should probably check the “Jewelry” section too, because a proper style bracelet or a ring can happen to be the last detail to make your outfit truly unforgettable.


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