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Cher: Turning Back Time


Speaking of the world’s biggest fashion icons, it seems a bit unfair we’ve never mentioned Cher before! More than 50 years of her highly active career were spent quite insanely: 25 albums, dozens of Top 10 hit singles, a lot of great movie parts and plenty of ups and downs have given her the name of Goddess of Pop. Well deserved! What also let her stay in the spotlight for so long was her talent to find herself visually. The decades were coming and going and Cher was always ready to meet the new times with some relevant changes, while at the same time remaining herself. If you saw her in the 60’s you probably remember her various over-the-top tribal and especially Indian outfits, 70’s were full of long sparkling dresses, 80’s nearly had a heart attack seeing Cher’s outfit for “If I Could Turn Back Time” video, 90’s were commemorated with the diamond Vegas-style dresses and some way more relaxed big city hippie clothes… In other words, this eye candy happened to be too epic for us to ignore and this gallery is our pathetic attempt to collect some of the most awesome Cher’s outfits (as if it’s possible)!

All images were taken from various open online sources. Copyright © photographers who made them.

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