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Burgschneider: Middle Ages Without Swords


You might know about the Live Action Role-Playing Games (or LARP) as a big thing bringing a lot of fantasy and sci-fi fans together, and if you care about it you should totally dig the never-ending world of the LARP fashion. It’s actually a huge fun to explore because you could hardly find even two LARP fashion brands with the same vision and the same ideas. Each and every brand of this highly unusual kind chooses its own direction, that might be a certain historical era or even a certain universe from a certain book or movie. Though it’s quite common that the LARP fashion designers draw their inspiration from rather a heroic world and design the clothes for warriors and mages, some of them want to stay authentic. It means the apparel they produce was meant for usual people from a certain epoch. The fantasy movies and series kind of make you believe the whole Middle Ages world consisted of heroes, wizards, and army guys (peasants and townsmen only existed so the heroes, wizards, and army guys had someone to kill all the time… oh, c’mon watch some Xena), but in reality the most of people just lived their lives and of course they had their own clothing preferences. So today we’re going to take a look at one of those brands who work to make it look real.

Burgschneider isn’t so much about epicness and heroic stuff and more about civil garments you could expect the peasants of a medieval village or a small town to wear.

Burgschneider, quite an old brand founded in the end of 90’s in Frankfurt am Main, Germany is a beloved child of several clothing designers who’ve found their true purpose in creating various kinds of the medieval clothes. Having more than one designer lets the brand cover the whole range of the historic garments and also, apparently, succeed in terms of variety.

As I said before, Burgschneider isn’t so much about epicness and heroic stuff and more about civil garments you could expect the peasants of a medieval European village or a small town to wear. The most of it looks very elegant, authentic and peaceful, probably because it’s crafted not for war games or to shock people with some sort of eccentricity, but rather for the normal life. You could easily imagine tillers, blacksmiths or merchants of XIII century wearing this stuff. These dresses, tunics, cloaks, and gowns may seem to be very simple, but again, you have to remember these garments were meant for the everyday life and not for the comic books or Thor movies :)

What I loved the most about Burgschneider is the fact that you can actually dress all your family here :) You’re about to grab all your 3-generation dynasty and pay a visit to a Medieval fair or a festival? You’re home! The brand has the full spectrum of garments for men, women, and children, all looking great, all belong to each other, no need to run through hundreds of web stores, buying all the components separately and watching them looking not that nice together in the end. One big problem less.

The brand’s price policy is quite reasonable I’d say, so you could purchase a complete outfit for about 50-100 Euros or even less (not including the footwear). It’s very nice that Burgschneider doesn’t follow the current trends of launching the prices into space and wants to keep the costs affordable and, yes, peaceful – that suits to their garments!


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