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Björk: The Gate To Wonderland

Björk: The Gate To Wonderland

Björk is from another planet. Period. A fantastic creature who’s come to Earth if not to save us all then at least to give us a gift of something different. Different music, different singing and – also important – different visualization. I guess lots of people know her music (even if it’s only those singles that hit the Billboard charts), but did you know the voice is not the only thing in Björk that seems to be outlandish? Her image is indeed always something out of this world with incredible and even impossible choice of clothes, designs and materials! I’m hopeless here, sitting and trying to find words to describe these visions from a flowery LSD trip your parents might have at Woodstock festival :) Honestly while not being a big fan of her art, I was very impressed by her clothing designs and managed to make this collection to share this magic with you all. Hope you’ll find it as amazing as I did!

All images were taken from various open online sources. Copyright © photographers who made them.

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Albert is the proud (sometimes even too much) founder of this website. He was born in Ukraine and that kind of explains his passion for the alternative clothing, his funny English and weird music taste. Loves the fashion with a statement, any color as long as it's black and cats.

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