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Banned: Vintage Edge for your Wardrobe


As you probably know there’s no such thing as too many 50’s vintage clothing brands and if somebody told you there can be too many of them, please tell his mom to put him in a corner. 50’s fashion has left us sich a huge living and breathing legacy it would be a crime to leave it behind. Fortunately the legacy has given birth to a massive vintage scene with thousands and thousands of people following it for their entire life, including enormous rockabilly and psychobilly community. So we’ve no reason not to tell you about one more brand you gotta love – Banned.

This brand was born in 2011 in Rayleigh, Essex (UK) on the smoking ruins of another well-known alternative clothing brand we used to know as Living Dead Souls. The team behind it has actually quite an experience, because besides Banned right now they’re keeping 2 other clothing brands: Lost Queen and Dancing Days. All of them work intensively on the wholesale market and it makes Banned different from other brands who prefer to invest in their own stores and get busy with the retail sales. At the same time the wholesale approach let Banned be literally everywhere at the same time and gain some major popularity in the whole world.

As you can see Banned is all about the most elegant and cute looking vintage clothing, beachwear and footwear. The apparel is nice, clean yet playful. What I’d say make this brand look different is more edgy graphic designs than I’m used to see on this kind of garments. Usually everybody represents 50’s as some sort of a “cartoonishly” perfect time for beach parties and dancing and the textures/illustrations usually don’t go beyond palms, music notes, cocktails, vinyl records, stars, fruits etc. That’s why I was happy to see Banned isn’t really afraid of designs with fairy tale characters or even more rockabilly/goth stuff like Dia de los Muertos imagery or classic skulls and bones designs. What’s worth mentioning too is usually this kind of vintage brands pay some close attention to the plus-size fashion and Banned is not exception.

Right now Banned is one of the most reachable vintage brands out there and you might stumble upon their apparel literally anywhere, in any country or store. They try to combine impressive quality with the affordable prices and according to the popular opinion online they do a great job accomplishing this goal. Of course as always you’ll find the URL of the brand’s official website below, but there’s no real point to visit it, because it’s wholesale only. Better try your luck with many other web-stores selling the Banned products.


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