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10 Ways To Look Fabulous This Winter

10 Ways To Looking Fabulous This Winter

Perhaps you already kind of heard about that, but it’s Christmas time and we still have the New Year’s Eve and a long cold winter ahead of us! Not sure about you, pals, but my friends (including the imaginary ones on Facebook) appeared to be not very single-minded on this winter thing – some of them are thrilled and look forward for some crazy fun vacation and some just hate that uncomfortable feeling of your butt freezing off ;) Well any way we at Out Of Trend think it doesn’t really matter how you’re going to spend this time, dominating the mountain hills with your snowboard or peacefully “netflixing” with a cup of hot mulled wine while being all wrapped in your favorite robe – you really deserve to look cool this and any other winter. That’s why we just made this little compilation of the alternative brands manufacturing the winter-time clothing you might like. Check them out, buy one of a kind things and support the real artists!

Let’s start with something more usual for your eyes – the warm jackets and coats by Criminal Damage from UK. The brand works hard to stay on the peak of the modern urban fashion and succeeds. Their autumn/winter line might be interesting for you with its pretty elegant and modern both urban and sporty style coats and jackets with a clear European urban vibe.

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Criminal Damage website:
All images © Criminal Damage

The clothing by Bat Norton from Russia comes from the world of the urban fashion too, though it’s definitely not very usual. Their “big city nomad” style can be either loved or hated, but you should appreciate its originality and quality. If you feel it’s your style and you don’t get scared by non-classic and rather futuristic cuts, then you should try digging into Bat Norton’s recent collections, especially since they have lots of cool stuff for the cold season too, like coats, jackets and even some footwear.

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Bat Norton website:
All images © Bat Norton

Bulgarian deconstruction fashion brand Demobaza goes even farther into weird geometrical forms and sci-fi post-apocalyptic aesthetics. The designs are both amazing and out of this world, so… well, it’s definitely not for everybody both visually and financially. Still you can search through their store and find yourself some fabulous examples of clothes for the cold seasons. Demobaza’s choice of materials is quite wide so I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding something suitable to you personally.

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Demobaza website:
All images © Demobaza

Changing subject for the dark fashion, let’s take a look at what the brand Dracula Clothing from Czech Republic has to offer. And I guess it’s quite a lot, because the autumn/winter coats by this brand never stop to amaze me. Watching those incredible Victorian and steampunk designs you can hardly think they are mass-produced, because all these garments look actually good enough to be hand-made. Apart from the well-detailed and tastefully textured fairy designs Dracula Clothing is also known for their reasonable prices, so… worth checking out :)

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Dracula Clothing website:
All images © Dracula Clothing

Speaking about the dark fashion, one of EMP’s brands Gothicana is worth mentioning too since it offers us a wide range of the warm clothing heavily influenced by goth and metal subcultures. The coats and jackets by Gothicana look rather minimalistic and classic, being concentrated on both looks and comfort, may be even on the comfort in the first place.

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Gothicana website:
All images © Gothicana

The Ukrainian brand Etnodim offers some quiet impressive sweaters with the folk ornaments and/or “Kiev” lettering you might find very nice and cozy. This brand manufactures its sweaters of wool, acryl and bamboo which makes them warm yet very soft and delicate.

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Etnodim website:
All images © Etnodim

Fishfash from Russia wasn’t mentioned on this website before, but it’s never too late to fix it, especially since this brand has a lot to make your winter a little warmer. Their coats look perfect for the city, but don’t look as you usual everyday coat. I’d say the Fishfash designers work hard to find the new forms and shapes for this kind of clothes and sometimes it gets to an almost avant-garde point without losing an inch of elegance and femininity.

Fishfash on Facebook:
Fishfash website:
All images © Fishfash

Oh, the “weird Christmas sweaters” by Killstar just make my hysterical :) No, seriously, I love them so much, because what could possible beat Satan petting a kitty or the UFOs or the Reaper himself holding a young Devil in his hands :) Cute, huh? True Christmas spirit, you know. Wear one of those for your family Christmas dinner at your own risk :)

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Killstar website:
All images © Killstar

Staying on the subject of the “weird Christmas sweaters”, Sourpuss Clothing from USA does them too, they’re just not so extreme as the previous brand does :) These sweaters rather follow the popular psychobilly and even geek fashion trends with funny and not very evil imagery. Still the ones with the hugging skeletal hands and the pirate-like skulls and crossed bones look quite edgy.

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Sourpuss Clothing website:
All images © Sourpuss Clothing

And finally one more Ukrainian brand here called X-Style presents a significantly wide range of the autumn/winter coats and jackets balancing on the borderline between goth/alternative fashion and the modern urban trends. The materials, designs and textures vary a lot, but the 85th level of elegance is always there!

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X-Style website:
All images © X-Style Clothing

Ten brands are not enough? Well, here’s a bonus for you, because these cool and cute hand-knit fingerless gloves by Jessica Louise can complete your winter outfit just perfectly! Just keep your hands warm and don’t let the Christmas fun miss you!

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Jessica Louise website:
All images © Jessica Louise

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