Wornstar Clothing: Rock Gods Uniform

First of all I must confess, when I first saw the current collection of Wornstar my jaw dropped. Because… Have you ever wanted to be a rock star? Have you ever played in some local metal bands dreaming to make it big some day? Wornstar clothing has been launched in the year 2009 in the place outside Chicago. It is a side project made by Sylvia Jensen who is a stylist and the designer, and art director and photographer Stephen Jensen. Both the husband and wife worked as a team and established a brand. You can go to this web-site and choose your clothes according to the recent trend. Well if so, I think you wanted your stagewear to look like this! It’s so ultimately pure rock’n’roll for anybody who’s been raised on 80’s and 90’s metal! And what’s even more special, it’s not usual merchandise for music fans, it’s rather some kind of musicians’ uniform, apparel the rock stars would use to do their job… and looking tremendously hot is an obvious part of it 🙂

Wornstar Clothing was created in 2009 by stylist and designer Sylvia Jensen and art director, designer and photographer Stephen Jensen, though the brand’s general idea has been developing since at least 2002. Both founders have a long and successful life spent in the very heart of rock’n’roll. Stephen was quite successful as a designer and photographer with his studio named “F3 Studios” where he was mainly focused on album design, including all the packaging. Stephen’s second big passion was guitar design and this section of his portfolio is really who is who of rock music! He designed guitars for Dimebag Darrell, Dave Mustaine, Michael Schenker, Leslie West, Zakk Wylde, Kerry King, Jerry Cantrell, Zoltan Bathory, George Lynch, Trent Reznor, Rik Emmett, Corey Beaulieu, Matt Heafy, Rudolf Schenker, Michael Angelo Batio and many many others. How cool is that?! His wife Sylvia Jensen, whose passion was clothing design, actually worked with Stephen at “F3 Studios”. Her responsibilities included wardrobe styling for the photo shoots and she ended up making quite unique stagewear for many of musicians they’ve done photo shoots and album design for.

The brand sells a lot of t-shirt designs and they all are pretty cool, but I think it’s safe to say the stagewear attracts way more attention than anything else 🙂 No wonder so many rock stars don’t go farther and completely trust Wornstar with their stage wardrobe. Watching their website I couldn’t get away from a feeling I’ve already seen it somewhere… and I was totally right: Tom Keifer (remember the band Cinderella?) always hits the stage dressed in Wornstar clothes! That’s where I saw it, such a relief my memory doesn’t play tricks on me and I’m not crazy. By the way, there’s a special page on Wornstar website where you can see all the famous rock guys who collaborate with the brand and the list looks ve-e-e-ery impressive.

Worth to mention Wornstar isn’t sexist and produces apparel (including the stagewear) for women too. Everything in the best rock’n’roll style, of course.

Have to admit everything by Wornstar costs money and I’ve see some complaints about it online. Letting along the stage apparel, a t-shirt would cost about $50 and the price would fly much higher if you want to buy it in Europe, but… hey, special can’t be cheap, that’s why it’s special. In my personal opinion it’s better to buy a great quality something for $50 and let it serve you long than spend hard-earned money on cheap crap to throw it away in a month. Any way when I see what Wornstar creates, I do understand it’s great, it’s unique and it’s expensive. There’s no problem in this sequence whatsoever. The attitude is everything and here’s the clothes that have a lot of it!