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Why you have to see Wave Gotik Treffen at least once in a lifetime

Why you have to see Wave Gotik Treffen at least once in a lifetime

If you didn’t notice before, Out Of Trend is desperately trying to embrace the alternative fashion, i.e. something that admittedly cannot be embraced. Sometimes we feel like Sisyphus or a little cat sitting before a spaceship’s window, capable neither fully understand the mystic world outside nor influence it. But when the times of decay come, we always ask ourselves “What would Batman do in our place?” and the answer always appears instantly. Batman would never stop working and trying new things. Even injured, betrayed or mentally broken, even with Joker or Clayface on his back! Even when Penguin hacked the Batmobil and he’s like “Ha-ha, you’re dead Batman!” and Batman’s like “OMG, what is that?! What should I do??”, and Penguin is like “LOL, you’ve been had Batman, now I’m controlling your Batmobile and…” Anyway, what I’m trying to say is we keep working, keep trying this and that and I hope you like what you see here and at least some of our articles make your perception of the fashion world wider and wider.

Say what do you know about the “dark” culture? Do you realize what a huge influence on the alternative fashion in general it has? Especially since it’s not all “people in black” as many still see this phenomenon. Gothic subculture is as multifaceted as, for instance, rock music. When you say “it’s rock”, you really don’t tell anything, because…what kind of rock do you mean? Art, hard, folk, grunge, goth, fusion, funk, punk, new wave or some kind of metal? There’s a hundred styles of rock in the world and you’ll be surprised how many sides and levels the goth subculture has! Trad, cyber, victorian, medieval, fetish, deathrockers, vampires, emo, steampunk, tribal… this list is far from the end and yes, every kind of goth people looks different and has it’s very own fashion! And if you’d like to dive into the very “dark” groove, there’s no better way to do it, than attending a big summer goth festival somewhere in Europe. Or just hit the biggest one – Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany.

Wave Gotik Treffen or simply WGT ( is very likely the biggest annual goth festival in the world. Around 300 live acts, over 60 stages scattered throughout the whole city and more than 20.000 attendees from literally everywhere around the planet all together make it the best place to observe the “dark people” in their natural habitat. WGT is starting on Whitsunday and takes the whole 4 days (and 4 nights) + warm-up parties. During these 4 days the whole Leipzig gets black and I think nothing could be better for the municipal budget than 20.000+ fantastically looking people who come every year to spend several days doing nothing but having fun, so the city just loves it! It comes as no surprise, that with a valid WGT ticket you can also visit lots of museums and exhibitions for free and attend the city opera. There’s even a special tram bringing people from stage to stage!

Getting back to our subject, Wave Gotik Treffen is fairly famous for its emphasis on the fashion! Some like to fault it for vanity, but I really don’t see the point here, especially since the visual style is one of the subculture’s key elements. Nowhere else you will see so many incredible, unbelievable and sometimes really bizarre looking people. Some of them change their image every day or even twice daily, and it’s not very weird for them to get home after a WGT and immediately start the preparations for the next one. Some of them make their apparel and accessories themselves, some of them order the hand-made stuff from ingenious but very expensive craftsmen, the most of them buy garments from the special dark clothing brands, but it’s not really important how much money you spend for your looks as soon as you’re happy. Call it a true passion.

If you’re looking for an epicentrum of visual awesomeness, please don’t miss so-called Victorian Picnic, that usually takes place on the very first WGT day in Clara-Zetkin-Park (not so far from Parkbühne). Formally it’s a time when the most gorgeous looking goth people come to the park’s central lawn and enjoy themselves at a quiet picnic. In reality it’s rather a wild safari for many photographers lashing here and there and packing their memory cards full with hundreds of great photos. And I wouldn’t say the picnic attendees have anything against it :)

In conclusion we’d like to show you a big gallery with the photos made at WGT in 2009-2013. Check it out, there’s a lot to be seen! We wish you all a great time at WGT 2017 that’s going to start in just a couple of days, on June 2nd. And, as for the future, we hope to visit Wave Gotik Treffen next year and tell you about it in details, though it’s always better to see it once, than to read a thousand of reviews ;)

All images © Yulia Buchatskaya, Albert Buchatskyy.

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