What to say about a skirt? There is nothing more stylish

What to say about a skirt? There is nothing more stylish, girly and versatile women’s clothing than a skirt. It is a piece of apparel that goes the best with anyone, anywhere and with everything. The flexibility of skirts starts with their length. If you wear it full length, it becomes a gown or a full garment, ready to helm at any festive occasion. Match it with a vest, a blouse, a shirt or neckline top and you can pull off any look. If you reduce its length up to the ankle, the skirt takes a royal look when matched with an equally elegant top. Reducing further up to the knee, it brings out the girlish charm and you are ready to transform it casually or formally without any effort. Microskirts are at the helm of fashion when the girls want to don the glam look, yet maintain the style factor in designing.

Multipurpose and versatile at any stage

Aesthetics, modesty, fashion o situation! Skirts go with any purpose. It is also the first choice of influence among the apparels in terms of factors like fashion, social, modesty, personality, themes or circumstance. The simplest and most adept example of versatile use of a skirt is as a swimsuit. It is one of the best pairing clothing. You can pair it with any type of top garments, shorts, leggings, and pants. Skirt style and usage are also influenced by cultural and regional factors. For example, in Muslim culture, it is worn as izaar and in Scotland, it becomes a part of the traditional highland dress known as the kilt. Surprisingly, this is a part of men’s attire, and hence shows the extent of the versatility of skirt.

Skirts can be simply worn as a one-piece garment below the waist; it can be worn as a wrap-around fabric around the lower part of the body. Skirts can also be designed as pleated fabric or draped around. It can have pleats, threads, hanging accessories and many more. Have a quick scan through any fashion website selling skirts. When you look at this site, the wearing and making opportunities of skirts become completely evident. The designing of the skirt gives more opportunities to experiment, with the decoration, fabric pattern, stitching pattern, and type of fabric.

A skirt can be light-weight made of chiffon, fluid fabric or others. It can be mid-weight with silk, cotton, polyester or even stretchable material. Heavily embellished skirts become the highlight in functions and festivals. The chicest look comes with skirts made of denim, poplin or jersey.