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Albert (chef of everything)

Albert is the proud (sometimes even too much) founder of this website. He was born in Ukraine and that kind of explains his passion for the alternative clothing, his funny English and weird music taste. Loves any color as long as it's black.

Sally (vintage freak)

Sally is everywhere and she's always eager to stab her nails into anything that has something to do with 50's, the old horror culture and a good old fun. Including some good horror rock of course! And yeah, what about that classic Misfits line-up reunion?!

Daniel (21st century expert)

Daniel is a big city animal or rather a fish with the modern fashion being his ocean. You can't help feeling ancient in his presence, but hey, he doesn't mind to share his coolness and knowledge about how to look not like a time machine crash survivor.

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What Is This All About?

First things first - this website is all about alternative clothing and people who create it. "Alternative" doesn't always mean it's something incredibly extravagant, it just means that it's created by an original brand and by highly enthusiastic people with an original vision, that this clothing can speak about a person who wears it more than a hundred words and finally that no casual network stands behind it. It might sound boring, but the idea of this website has come to Albert quite naturally. There was no brainstormings, no sleepless nights and nobody yelled "Heureka!", He just started thinking about bringing a certain amount of diversity into his own wardrobe and that was the exact moment when his pain began! Albert has spent like three hours online, found nothing and his head was exploding, he just couldn't concentrate anymore! It was a never-ending miserable and fruitless tour through plenty of websites with thousands of products swarming before his red eyes. It was a plain shop syndrome, when after 10 minutes looking at the shelves you start feeling exhausted and hate everything you see even though there can be many fairly good things. Do you know that? Sure, you do. It happens every damn time you're not really sure what you want. You just want... something. Something you might like. And sometimes you kind of know what you need, but have no idea where to find it. Holy cow, life is hard, right?

That's why we tried to create a website to make this suffering sort of bearable or even enjoyable! To give you at least a direction to follow and not just surf till the end of times. To introduce you to so many alternative clothing brands you'd probably never know without this website!

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Additional Credits

Сharacter illustrations and logo - Anna "Lumbricus" Suchkova
Header photo - Alex Knight

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