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Vishes: Europe meets Nepal


The source of inspiration is usually closer than we think. It surrounds us day and night, like the air, light or sound waves. So when a soon-to-be clothing brand’s founder starts thinking about his future profile, in many cases his search ends pretty quickly, because the answer was inside and around him all this time. That’s why we see people raised in the streets starting the urban clothing brands or gothic people designing and manufacturing gothic apparel. In general your environment gives you all you need to proceed with your main goal, but in some quite rare cases you have to cross the whole world to find that something that would impress and inspire you enough to really do your thing. Isn’t that interesting?

The company named Vishes from Germany is a classic example of what people can do to finally find the centerpoint the whole their life would turn around. Perhaps the initial idea was to design the clothing with a good balance between the European urban style and Nepalese traditional elements and textures, but soon it went a lot farther. The right manufacturer was discovered also in Nepal (a sign of fate?) and soon Vishes found themselves traveling there many times a year to get a better inspiration for their new designs and control the whole manufacturing process. I don’t even know if it could get more authentic than this.

As you could notice, the fabrics Vishes uses alone look very authentic, some of them raw-dyed, many designs have their edges dented or ripped. The most of graphic textures are large and often also look raw, like if they were crafted domestically.

The fundamental part of Vishes product line is shirts, jackets and pants looking extraordinary inventive and exotic, but also very appropriate for everyday life at the same time. Europe seems to love this kind of style and all the Vishes garments are probably very suitable here and everywhere. As I said before, the balance between the Nepalese folk traditions and the European urban culture is kept here perfectly, so I hope the brand’s doing well enough.


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