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Too Fast: Living on the Burning Wheels

Too Fast

When it comes to the alternative clothing, I think one of the most important things it should have is a strong attitude. It’s that little thing that makes you say “This is what’s gonna help me to be me!” This rebellious feeling is exactly what a lot of people love and try to achieve, so today I’d like to present you a brand that surely has it – the attitude like a punch between the eyes. Actually I liked this one even before I actually saw anything from them, because let’s state it clear – Too Fast is an awesome brand name! It tells you things, you know. It really tells you what these people stand for and what you’re about to see. But let’s get back to the very beginning.

It was started in 2004 by “fashion school drop out” Maureen, who was soon to be joined by two more designers – Karen and Frances. Armed with their love for punk rock culture, fast and crazy life style and passion for the alternative fashion they started working on their own style and finally little by little got their business going. The quality and style standards were set quite naturally, because initially Too Fast wanted to make some sort of clothes they would gladly wear themselves, and they do wear what they design!

Speaking about Too Fast’s apparel – it’s mainly tops, t-shirts (the only product for men), dresses, sweatpants, swimsuits and bikinis. Almost every piece feels very punk/rockabilly, especially tops, dresses and bikinis have this good old vintage spirit. The graphic designs could be described as classic rockabilly imagery: zombies, skeletons, tattooed pin-up beauties, bones, vampires and other horror illustrations so typical for this culture. Though there were some items I would call quite original, specifically the black tops with small and detailed illustrations in the shoulders zone designed by Clare Dutton and Paulo Rocker (one of them you can see on the last photo).

Apart from the apparel and accessories Too Fast sells a lot of pretty remarkable punk posters with various horror/rockabilly characters (in some of them you’d recognize Sid Vicious, Lemmy, David Bowie or Elvis… well at least they would look like that if they were characters of an old classy horror movie).


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