The term clothing is otherwise called as clothes, apparel

The term clothing is otherwise called as clothes, apparel and attire which is used to wear on body. Clothes are manufactured by using fabrics and some of it may be produced by using animal main purpose of clothing is to protect us for the rough surfaces, from insect bites, thorns, etc. Moreover it helps to insulate our body form the cold and heat. Keeps the infectious and harm materials away from the contact with our skin. When we wear the clothes especially of white color, it protects us form the ultra violet radiation.

The gender differentiation in most of the culture is based on the appropriate clothing. They are different in their styles, colors and fabrics. According to the western countries, women tend to wear skirts, tops and high heeled shoes and neckties are common in men’s clothing. Once upon a time trousers are weared only by men, but now it is weared by even girls or females.

In some societies the perfect clothing is used to indicate their status. For example in the ancient Rome, the garments called Tyrian Blue can be weared only by senators. The feather cloaks in the Hawaiian society can be used only by the high ranking chiefs. Only emperor can wear the yellow in China. In some religions the occupational clothing are followed and it is in the special case. It may be worn only during the religious ceremonies. Some person wear this occupational dress every day to show their status.

While performing religious ceremonies by Muslims and Jains, they wear the unstitched cloth pieces. It represents the complete devotion to their religion. If you look at the Sikhs, they wear turban which is considered as a part of their religion. Most of the religions are used to maintain clean dress in order to indicate the purity. Ethnic dresses are weared by the people during the special occasions. T-shirts are worn by Tongan man with the wrapped skirt.

Special clothing is used for the sports and it will be comfort and safe while playing. You can try here to wear wet suits while swimming, diving or surfing. There is a change in the western dress code now a day and the styles are changed. Blue jeans became popular and it is weared on the formal attire. Both the men and women wear jeans. Western media corporations are involved in the spread of western styles over the world.