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Syd and Mallory: Sheffield Calling

Syd and Mallory

Going around the globe and discovering the new alternative clothing brands is pure fun, but you should deal with the fact that the most of them would be the well-known and widely-respected ones. They’re easier to find, they have staff and marketing funds, often they even have several offline stores and their products are offered by many other networks. Still sometimes I get lucky enough to spot a small local brand and in my eyes it’s a case of a special value, like a rare diamond in a dust hole, like a allergic man in a pet shop, like a priest in a strip club, like… well, this rare.

Syd & Mallory is exactly this kind of clothing brand – small, independent, quirky and very special in a sense. It was born in 2006 in Sheffield, UK and it’s very interesting because we’ve already had some other indie brands from Sheffield before! Seems like this place really has some very special vibes and inspires people. In Syd & Mallory’s case the idea of a new brand arose as the result of founders’ disappointment in the local clothing market, which is I guess a quite common thing: don’t like what you see – go and start a brand with the clothes you want to be there!

The product line is quiet simple here: t-shirts, tops, hoodies, skirts, sweaters and dresses. Describing the overall brand’s style I guess the most appropriate word would be “quirky”. The clothing is not too complex, yet obviously has a very special attitude (should I call it “Sheffield vibe”?). Looking through Syd & Mallory’s gallery I see very evident influence of 90’s music underground. The flower, cloud and lightning appliques remind me the home-made grunge fashion of that time – simple, but expressive. This impression of mine seems quite right, because all the Syd & Mallory’s products are hand-made and they even print their fabrics solely by themselves, which definitely give them a lot of extra points.

If you find yourself in Sheffield, you can pay a visit to their offline store located in Devonshire street, though if you’re lucky enough you also could catch their clothing here and there across UK and even USA.


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