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Se7en Deadly: Elegantly Macabre

Se7en Deadly

Imagine one of those movies about the Great Depression in USA. The country struggles in the convulsions, the decay and total collapse feels everywhere in the air, yet people still want to have fun, even if it’s a dog fighting or a freak show and the entertainment is damn cruel… Despite the fact that the 30’s were a pure nightmare on two legs for US, this time has also given birth to a certain funereal and grotesque visual style many people love very much nowadays.

This design direction isn’t very rare and many clothing brands have paid their tribute to this distinguished-looking yet odd aesthetics, but Se7en Deadly have made it their centerpoint. This brand was launched in 2010 in USA and since then has its focus set straight to the 30’s.

The product line of Se7en Deadly is quite simple: t-shirts, hoodies, dresses, tops, sweatpants and various odd yet interesting accessories. Still the graphic designs are quite nice here (well, if you’re into this kind of “nice” things). If you take a look at their website, you’ll find many classic illustrations with skulls, bones, angels and various 30’s letterings, but what I found the most fascinating is other sort of designs. I mean all those old alcohol promotional ads or a portrait of a famous serial killer H. H. Holmes with a list of his crimes – these designs do have a story to tell…


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