Romance and fashion always join hands, together right

Romance and fashion always join hands, together right? We always admire good-looking pairs who dress fashionably.  Nothing can enhance a person’s look like trendy attire.  It increases the quantum of how others get attracted to you.  What should be the best choice for a romantic date?

For women, it can be even a casual T-shirt with a good pair of jeans.  For the first date, the dress has to be selected very carefully so that your partner does not catch something negative.  That is why experts warn that dresses which reveal too much have to be avoided.  Colors like sky blue, white, peach are always pleasant to view and are welcome by both the genders.  Avoiding striking colors would be the safest thing.  Once you get to know better of your partner, you can take a risk.   Even when the relationship is too deep, assuming that anything can be worn, now that everything is fine- might prove to be wrong.  If you are looking for good make-up tips, see this here.

For a man, formal dresses should be carefully avoided.  Neatly pressed casual shirt and a pant fully covering the legs would be ideal.  However, the clothes should be selected according to the present climate.  To thicker dresses during hot summer can make you smell sweaty.  In winter, don’t forget to carry a jacket so that you can cover yourself when you feel cold.  During a romantic date, wearing layered dresses can prove to be wise.  Once you feel hot, you can remove your overcoat and stay comfortable.

Going by the fashion statement of experts, avoiding heavy makeup is good.  A good denim dress or a simple jumpsuit would be ideal.  During summer you can try something like a maxidress.  Blazer with jeans enhances presentable look during a love relationship.  Plan your accessories prudently.  The importance you give for your Polka dotted top or leopard print suit should go equally towards the boots.  Over the knee boots are trendy and go well with short dresses.

For men, pairing your sports jacket or Collared Tshirt with dark-wash jeans in deep indigo or black would be ideal.  These can be matched with a leather belt and shoes.  Sunglasses can be added if you are going out in a day (or) towards the sunny beachside.  Silky/velvety/flowing material can be worn if your partner prefers so.  Putting on something out of trend might make your partner think that you are a zero in fashion.  Hence while in love, keep your fashion antenna up and wear the most trendy and stylish outfit.