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Queen Of Darkness: Is for Kings Too

Queen Of Darkness

Queen Of Darkness is one of those widely known clothing brands you can’t miss. Well I mean you can try, but if you’re a frequent guest of various European gothic stores, you don’t really have a chance not to notice its apparel and even not to have a piece or two in your own wardrobe. Decent quality, diverse and constantly growing collection of gothic, punk, rockabilly and metal clothing and of course the smart business dealing made Queen of Darkness one of the most prominent alternative brands both in Germany and the whole Europe. Let’s dig deeper… Hm, that sounded kind of gothic indeed ;)

As it usually happens, this business was founded by two people: Maya and Arik. Maya was a self-taught designer with lots of ideas and concepts eager to come to life and Arik happened to be willing to take care for the business side. Starting in 2003, Queen of Darkness quickly expended to be seen practically everywhere both on- and offline. It was really about quality and quantity that made Queen raise up from the ground in almost no time. As they say, “people have voted” and the brand’s products became quite popular already on the very early stages, when its only real market was the summer goth and metal festivals. Soon they even opened their own store in Leipzig!

As you can see, the choice looks pretty impressive: shirts, tops, skirts, leggings, kilts, pants – you name it. Everything looks very sharp and the small details and accessories seem to be pretty stylish. Some of the things have punk, folk or S&M elements implemented.[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”30″][vc_column_text]Someone can assume that this brand produces the clothes for women only (because it’s… you know, queen…), but it’s actually not true. Queen of Darkness is not sexist and there’s a lot of anything for men too.

What I like the most in Queen of Darkness line is its elegance. No matter what product you’re looking at – it doesn’t seem too much, if you know what I mean. There’s not even a bit of vulgarity. Many pieces could be easily worn on the daily basis and not only for some special occasion. Usability is what makes it all especially worth the money.

The brand’s business is going better now than ever, though nowadays Maya doesn’t design the clothes herself. Still she remains to be the chef designer, looking after every new collection and making sure the flag of Queen’s highly-acclaimed quality flies high enough.


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