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Pinup Girl Clothing: Gorgeous Retro Done With Passion

Pinup Girl Clothing

Hear ye! Hear ye! Today I’d like to tell you about passion and its importance in your life… obviously if you want to do something special in it, and you know we’re usually talking about special things, right? “Passion” is admittedly a very posh word, but what it really represents is a tiny storm in your brain that never lets you relax and just live your ordinary life in peace. Forget about that, as soon as you decide to give up on your idea that storm would roar like a wounded beast and snap you to the very heart of the action! Somebody from outside can call you passionate, but you know you just couldn’t do any other way, there’s a tiny storm inside you and it’s basically your perpetuum mobile that makes you do your own thing like nobody else could do. Want an example? Laura Byrnes and her brand Pinup Girl Clothing could be a perfect one!

Offering plus size apparel surely gives the brand some shining golden extra points!

Being a professional photographer, working for a magazine and shooting various celebrities Laura wasn’t really happy with this job because, as she says, she had a hard time not having control over her own work. You know, all those employee/boss relations, someone finds it okay and someone just hates when somebody tells him what to do and how to do it :) Oh tell me about it… Anyway, soon enough Laura found her secret talent when she tried to design clothes for her new-born baby. She loved the old classic pinup style and this kind of clothes was simply something that you couldn’t find anywhere at the time. In 1997 she launched the early version of her personal website where she offered her first pinup garments and that’s when it all started rolling quite fast! The first order was received in 3 weeks and little by little the young designer started to gain more and more popularity within the US pinup and rockabilly community. Driven by her idea Laura was doing everything alone back then – designing and sewing all the products, photographing, packaging, sending them to the customers. In just two years, in 1999 it all turned into Pinup Girl Clothing, a real brand with a serious catalogue, staff and following, selling its products in many stores worldwide.

Variety and quality are two main factors that strike my eyes immediately here. Honestly I’ve seen a lot of vintage-influenced clothing brands and Pinup Girl Clothing is definitely one of the best of them. Reasons? Ok, hold my beer for a second. Foremost the diversity is regarded by Pinup Girl as paramount importance and I doubt you’d stick on their online store without finding anything you’d really like. Secondly, I love the graphic designs and materials they use, because you really wouldn’t find such care for details that often. Thirdly, I love when clothing brands pay attention to how their product catalogues and promos look, and in case of Pinup Girl Clothing everything seems to look perfect. As a photographer Laura Byrnes and her special photographer team makes sure every single product photo looks excellent. And last but not least, this is the apparel made for people. Yes, sure, in theory every brand works for people, but sometimes I really doubt that. Like when you visit a store, look through tons of stuff and finally start wondering what kind of a woman this designer kept in mind when he/she came up with all these clothes. Sometimes my imagination goes wild and pictures me an alien with a super slim body and two-meter legs. Is it just me or some brands simply don’t know how a normal human being looks like? Oh well, at least there’s no such problem with Pinup Girl Clothing, they do know that women are very different and sell lots of apparel from Extra Small to 4X size. Offering plus size apparel surely gives the brand some shining golden extra points! By the way, thanks to a successful collaboration Pinup Girl can offer quiet an impressive range of shoes with a vintage feel too: flats, pumps, high heels – you name it.

Each and every Pinup Girl Clothing product is manufactured in USA and it’s a choice I truly respect, since many other brands prefer to outsource this kinds of things to China and pinch pennies. The results are usually very questionable: they do save some money, but the quality level takes an epic fall. Pinup Girl have decided not to do it and rely on their excellent quality while spending a little more on the production process. The same reason stands behind Laura’s second important decision to control her business’ growth and not to let it get bought by some major clothing manufacturer, because it would quickly destroy everything Pinup Girl Clothing stands for. A good lesson for other young brands, I’d say.

You’d probably also like to know Pinup Girl has been always open for the celebrity clothing lines and released quite impressive and very special collections by Traci Lords and Cassandra Peterson aka Elvira (Mistress of the Dark)!


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