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Northern Hunting: Born for Wanderlust

Northern Hunting

There’s clothing for literally anything: for having a good time, for business or for expressing yourself… And there’s special clothing for various hobbies too. For hunting, for instance. Please don’t hit the indignation button, I know people have different opinions on that now (and I’m highly negative about hunting myself), but well this coin has two sides. If you love hunting you can buy this kind of apparel for hunting, but it’s exactly as good for many other kinds of activities. Say hiking or long traveling in the wild. I mean it’s not necessarily a clothing for killing, because it’s not apparel that kills. In the first instance all those garments are for keeping you warm, safe and also to give you a good additional chance to survive in rough environment. Let’s dig deeper…

The brand Northern Hunting was started about 20 years ago in Denmark and its initial goal was to produce a hunting clothing that would look and feel different. You probably know, if it gets to this kind of apparel, all the manufacturers prefer to stay on the safe side and don’t do anything new. They kind of take classic old designs and make their own on their basis without actually creating something interesting – their products look all the same and you couldn’t tell the difference between them and the hunting outfits they used to make a hundred years ago. Northern Hunting wanted to break this state of things and create something outside the classic traditions. So they did.

As you see the product line here includes pretty much everything you’d need far away from the lights of your big city: jackets, trousers, shirts, vests, socks, thermal socks and pants etc. Everything looks very professional and even cosy, nothing seems cheap or excessive. It shouldn’t give hypothermia any chance or hamper your ability to move freely. The colors are classic nature ones (soil, moss, grass etc.) + they obviously use some camouflage textures. As I said, apart from hunting it could be perfect for serious hiking or long foot trips. Sort of exactly what any enthusiastic traveler would want to have to make his adventure as pleasant as it gets.

Northern Hunting’s clothing is both for men and women and can be found on numerous online stores, including the NH’s very own one.


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