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Necessary Evil Clothing: Evil for Life

Necessary Evil Clothing

One of the most difficult things in our corporate and globalized world is to stay independent, and it’s valid for both individuals and companies. I find it truly wonderful that people are still trying to go for their dreams and do something very special and unique, something that only they can see clear enough. That’s what the entire Out Of Trend website is all about – the people who’s creative, productive and smart enough to actually do something. And, yes, it’s often means to be able to survive on your own. The clothing brand Necessary Evil from Birmingham, UK is a great example of this simple concept.

The brand was founded in 2004 by designer Kate Seagroatt as a follow-up for her early label you could know as “Kate’s Clothing” (by the way it’s still available). At some point she had quite a lot of new ideas and creating a new brand seemed to be a very logical step. Especially in terms of bringing the whole thing up to a higher level. So Necessary Evil was born.

Looking at the current Necessary Evil collection I couldn’t find any better words for it than “simple, but elegant”. Some gothic brands tend to decorate their products with as many elements as possible (sometimes it even makes them not really usable), but Kate’s creations look very reasonable, both for dark events and everyday life. This simplicity definitely makes it easy to combine the NE’s designs with any other clothes and accessories. What I liked the most is the idea to add colorful textures to the usual deadly black clothes. Those blouses and dresses with red flowers and pink butterflies look pretty classy. Besides that Necessary Evil makes clothes both for women and men. The male things are rather pretty standard and airtight “Grufti” apparel, like jackets, coats and “cargohosen”, but I like the fact Kate uses a lot buttons and doesn’t replace them all with zippings like some others do. It gives the products some sort of a slight retro look.

As many other gothic brands Necessary Evil enjoys exposure on the dark music scene. For example, the men of a famous Italian goth metal band Lacuna Coil used a couple of Kate’s designs for one of their photo sessions.


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