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Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing: A Dark Spell From Cornwall

Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing

Our search for the old and new interesting alternative clothing designers and brands is endless… and it’s wonderful! What’s great too is the fact that we manage to find more and more small independent talents on the way, and sometimes they are true raw diamonds. I believe I wrote about it at least once before, but there’s a whole wide world of the clothing brands you have very little chance to find because their logos are not up there on the big stores and even the alternative fashion catalogues have never heard about them. Usually such brands consist of 1-3 very passioned people who do everything – design, sew, marketing, packaging and so on. They have a website they sell their apparel on and several social network accounts to promote the new products and communicate with their fan base – that’s it, no billboards, no Facebook or Google promo campaigns, no festival stands. Nevertheless this is the exact sort of clothing brands where you can find something really unusual and fabulous, first and foremost because the independent brands are… well, yeah, independent :) They’re free to experiment and do whatever the hell they want, and that’s why there’s always a good chance to see some real magic going on among them! So today we’d like to present you the brand created by two undeniable experts in magic – Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing from Cornwall, UK.

Dark as the night on the Bald Mountain, majestic as the nature itself and fabulously elegant in each and every detail. If Morticia Addams, Queen Mab or Maleficent would be real, they would sure as hell be the main ambassadors of Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing!

The brand was founded in 2003 by Michael Eddy and Sarah Eddy and it’s worth mentioning that the latter has been preparing for such a step since she was six years old. As a child Sarah was obsessed with the fashion and later, when she already became pretty much acquainted with the goth subculture, her life choice became obvious. The good old “I hate the clothing I see around! I can do better!” burst grasped her completely and made her do her first attempts at sewing, drafting and cutting. The first designs could be quite simple, but in a while it became clear Sarah could have a perfect business on her hands, so in 2003 with the help of her husband Michael she started Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing. And this name was deadly perfect for the brand since each and every dress you could see in their catalogue had a clear dark, fairy and witchy (or as Sarah herself would say – “spooooffffffeeeeee!”) vibe. At some point the brand got quite well-known within the global dark community, but regardless Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing doesn’t have any desire to expand and its staff still consists of only Sarah and Michael Eddy. They even don’t use any models to promote their clothing, since Michael is a photographer and Sarah finds a lot of pleasure in modelling her own dresses! Magically fortunate, I’d say :)

Now let’s finally take a glance at the garments! If I had to describe the dresses Sarah designs and define her style somehow I’d probably prefer something like “the witch queen fashion”, because you’d definitely expect to see a witch queen from a fantasy movie dressed like that! Dark as the night on the Bald Mountain, majestic as the nature itself and fabulously elegant in each and every detail. If Morticia Addams, Queen Mab or Maleficent would be real, they would sure as hell be the main ambassadors of Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing! The first thing you might notice while watching all those dresses is that they were influenced by the romantic goth fashion, though there’s definitely a lot of “historical” details too. The inspiration by the medieval culture feels just perfectly right here and makes the designs look very authentic and complete. The main materials Sarah uses for her clothing are obviously lace and various kinds of soft velvet, and that allows her designs look very feminine and not seem “overloaded”. On many pictures you can see her completing her dresses with various other garments like trousers and cloaks or accessories like gloves and corsets. All of those beautiful things are designed and crafted by Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing too, so practically you could get the whole ready-to-use outfit from the same hands.

As I told you before, the brand doesn’t have any desire to sell out or expand in any kind, because Sarah and Michael seem to be very happy with it as it is now. And from my personal perspective it’s awesome, because it allows them to keep up with the hand-made manufacturing business model and make every product kind of unique, adding a personal touch to each of them and working for their cus… I’d better say “fans”. It’s such a rare pleasure for the modern fashion world, so I’m really happy somebody still can stick to the fashion in its original meaning – as an artist who just wants to do what she/he wants without stupid compromises.


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