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Lotus Leggings: Living And Breathing Energy

Lotus Leggings

While trying to seize the unseizable and discover the undiscovered fashion lands you’ll eventually notice there are certain kinds of garments that stand out like cliffs in the ocean. Their special status is basically cased by the huge number of people who love them – yep, it’s that simple. For example, no doubt you could easily find some big fans of corsets or platform boots or leather pants around, because all of these things have very vivid individuality and as a result many people feel their own personalities, their own styles are not complete without them. Same is with leggings. What do we actually know about them? This is the tight and elastic pants, usually made of polyester or cotton, loved especially by fitness fans… oh, and you can’t do without them if you plan on becoming a super hero :)

Their store looks literally like the promised land for the leggings fans, regardless their age, sex and taste!

Any way the leggings have become a significant part of modern fashion and have thousands and thousands of true fans around the globe. We already had the articles about some of the most interesting leggings manufacturers/designers out there and I guess it’s time to add another one to this list – the brand named Lotus Leggings from USA.

The brand stands for a simple idea of the leggings being an ultimate garment for active and life-loving people, and – you should give it to them – the Lotus Leggings designers don’t know anything about lack of imagination. Their store looks literally like the promised land for the leggings fans, regardless their age, sex and taste! The designs range can satisfy both people who’d like their leggings look stylish and minimalistic, and those who loves some more extravagant graphics and shapes. All of them can be prefect for any active occupation, any sports training, but they’re great as a casual wear too. The materials used here are usually polyester-elastane blend, but there are also 100% cotton and faux-leather leggings for those who prefers them this way. Lotus has already released several special collections, but “Lotus X” deluxe line stands out with a new blended material used (they named it FlexTech and it consists of 83% polyester and 17% spandex). It proved to be thicker and softer than the classic leggings while still being solid, good-looking and breathable.

And finally one of the main things that make Lotus Leggings really special is the fact they’re not sexist and they have plenty of products for men too, and even for children! Yes, breaking news, men wear leggings on certain occasions too, but unfortunately there are not many brands out there who understand it. Luckily Lotus does :) It’s also worth mentioning that the leggings isn’t the sole product in the store, because people obviously can find themselves in need of other garments to complete their look, like for example tops or loose-fitting jogging pants or all together as a pre-selected bundle.


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