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Lindy Bop: Feels Like 50’s Again

Lindy Bop

Vintage clothing is just exploding right now, because we all know the history is an impetuous Merry-go-round: if something was popular 50-60 years ago you should wait for it to come back again in full glory. Same thing here, the classy and very feminine fashion of 50’s and 60’s has become very popular nowadays, and not only among the rockabilly fans. Its beauty is now pretty obvious for a lot of women who are actually very far from any subculture and who really want their world to look fancy and vintage, like a gentle and sophisticated jazz tune.

Lindy Bop is one of those brands who’ve put focus on the female vintage clothing fully and entirely. Founded in UK it sells now everywhere around the globe: dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, coats and even the retro inspired footwear, including the plus size things.

On the personal note I’d say it’s hard not to notice amazing prints on Lindy Pop dresses because they are really funny, professionally designed and cool, just look at those city themed illustrations! Other themes you could see on the dresses and skirts are usually rolling around music, drinks, entertainment and being really happy. There’s also any kind of one-color apparel and also more traditional 60’s textures, like checked, polka dot, floral, tartan – you name it.

By the way, Lindy Pop is not a stranger to the kids fashion and their web-shop has a special category where you can buy vintage inspired dresses for your little ladies. Literally give them some real style while they’re young :)


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