Lady Gaga’s Fashion Top 100, Part 4

And here’s finally our last (really?) part of our Lady Gaga’s fashion top 100. Wow, that was quite a ride! For the start it was extremely hard to choose only 100 photos, because when it comes to Lady Gaga it quickly becomes tricky to stay focused, you’re just starting to pick every picture you see.

When you think of Lady Gaga the first thing that mesmerizes your thoughts maybe her voice.  However, her costumes are equally different and attractive.  Navigate to these guys to find more details on her costumes.  She transforms a simple vera wang outfit with Swarovski studded design and matching boots.  Be it the Armani dress or Leopard print outfit, she creates her own fashion style statement.  Be it a simple white romper dress, the perfect design, and style filled with her aura make you say ‘wow’.  When it comes to striking colors, Lady’s costumes shine boldly.  For example, the Red PVC jumpsuit she wore had the perfectly flared hemline and narrow-fit waistline.  Her signature high leather red boots which go up to thigh has a whole lot of followers.  She makes sure that the accessories go well with her costume.  If she is wearing a black leather jacket, she adds up beauty by putting on those shiny black leather shoes and sunglasses.  It is not only these trendy outfits but also the black train gown which is classic yet fashionable when worn by her.  Even her travel dresses are much-talked-about and admired.  Take, for example, the pink Fendi jacket she wears during her journey on a private jet.  The way she matches the design on the jacket with mesh stockings is really superb.  Last but not least is the Fur coat she wears.  She perfectly presents the light blue overcoat with a casual sequined bodysuit and a hat.  Her bejeweled boots are a treat for the fan’s eyes.  At times her costumes are little funny and different like the octopus costume she wears for her show.  What so ever it may be, the costumes are attractive and pleasing so that their photos found their way to the cover of Times Magazine.

But at the end of the day the work’s done and these 100 photos we chose are really the best of the best of her visual art. Let’s wait and see how quick we will get the new pictures to extend Top 100 to Top 125, Top 150, Top 200 and so on 🙂