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Lady Gaga’s Fashion Top 100, Part 3

Lady Gaga's Fashion Top 100, Part 3

I guess it’s a good time to publish the 3rd part of our Lady Gaga’s fashion top 100 or a pandemonium – depends on your perspective ;) Kidding aside, of course some of these outfits were designed only for shock and press hysteria, but there are also several really gorgeous dresses there. And even if they’re way too edgy for the public to swallow, they’re still quite balanced in terms of style, materials/accessories used and colors…

To be continued…

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Albert is the proud (sometimes even too much) founder of this website. He was born in Ukraine and that kind of explains his passion for the alternative clothing, his funny English and weird music taste. Loves the fashion with a statement, any color as long as it's black and cats.

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