Lady Gaga’s Fashion Top 100, Part 1

Lady Gaga’s Fashion Top 100, Part 1

Sometimes the alternative fashion can be seen as some sort of a subculture with its own regulations, its own code of practice, if you wish. And don’t you ever dare to break the rules of this code, especially the main one – never go mainstream! Though there have to be certain exceptions, for example, musicians. Some of them can be the mainstream of the mainstream, but at the same time… hey, they’re dying to look cooler than others, so frankly the music stars can be considered as the main promoters of the alternative fashion nowadays.

The products have been developed in such a manner that the way things have been going on is in the right way and exactly what they want to do. The main thing what we can speak about is that the products are in such a way that they are unique and the products have to be done in such a way that they are unique in the best possible way. At the same time, there is the improved influence of such musicians can be given too much priority and keep it at the level of the highest importance.

From the main source, it is important that we get to bring out the most unique versions of fashion as the products are very much important and are in need of good hands and relevant marketing needs to be done at the right time. The best way such that they get promoted with the help of the musicians is such that the product is too good to miss and is in good hands such that more people watch it at all times getting attached to the fashion products and it gets into attention. The brands understand it very well and often collaborate with them, knowing it would give them enormous publicity and bring them more followers.

And who could be a better example than Lady Gaga? You might think whatever you like about her, but it’s hard to name someone who popularizes the alternative fashion more than she does. And I’m not talking about her infamous meat dress she shocked the world at 2010 MTV Video Music Awards with. Of course that bloody mess made all the headlines, but let’s separate scandals from fashion, and I hope you’d pay your attention to her other outfits which often look pretty damn impressive. So, are you ready for Lady Gaga’s top 100? Let’s start with 25 then.