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Killstar: A Twist of Darkness


If your memory serves you well you can remember the exact moment the world has changed, and if not I’d gladly help you out with that. It was just another morning around the end of 90’s, people woke up, made their first cups of coffee and then without any particular reason turned their TVs on and there it was – Marilyn Manson with his video “Beautiful People”. That was it, there was no way back after that day. Goth has just stopped being an obscure underground thing and even got sort of close to the mainstream (many “men in black” really hate that). Any way, since we’re speaking about the fashion, the positive side of it was the exposure this culture finally got. Gothic became a mass culture and as any mass culture it was demanding their own clothing.

Thanks to that favorable occasion many fashion artists and designers found their way to the dark side of power to find a great inspiration and stay right there just to give us a full range of anything we could possibly want to wear. Among so many of them Killstar is definitely one of those high class dark brands you’d be very glad to know about!

It was born in 2010 in Scotland as a simple idea to put the dark fashion on the next level and now it’s one of the most favorite goth/rock brands in the world. Their line is amazingly wide and not limited to usual “tees/hoodies/tanks” set. Dresses, lingerie, jackets, sweaters, footwear, various accessories – Killstar doesn’t really set any borders for itself and widens them with every next collection.

Watching their online catalogue is a pure pleasure both in aesthetic and consumer ways, because the Killstar things really look fantastic and at the same way not too extravagant to prevent you from buying them even if you’re not so extreme. Of course these clothes are very special, but at the same time elegant enough to use them in everyday life (some things look even kind of office-friendly). The main theme of the most Killstar collections is dark magic and all its possible incarnations, so you should expect to see lots of pentagrams, magic symbols and various examples of gloomy imagery. Talking about my personal preferences, I’d say I found the sweaters from “Hexmas 15” collection incredibly awesome and funny! Too bad this year’s Christmas is already gone :)

The Killstar products are not cheap, but apparently the quality factor is fundamental here. Need another incentive? Marilyn Manson himself has chosen Killstar to release his own clothing line and this decision looks not accidental at all (just look at this lookbook!).


All images © Killstar

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