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Kill Brand: Grunge is Dead, Bottoms Up!

Kill Brand

Kill Brand was started without any real intention, just casually and – as it fairly often happens – from the music scene. In 2001 Jonny Smith used to play in a punk band called Tokyo Rose. One day right before a gig he found out there was no clean t-shirts left, so he just took a pink tee and wrote “K-I-L-L” across its front with a black spray paint. That evening he was armed well to play, but this story had a continuation… That tee was designed in such a raw and emphatic punk fashion it became kind of popular and Jonny end up selling t-shirts out of the back of his tour van.

At some point the demand got pretty significant and Jonny had to buy a real screen printing machine, that allowed him to do his tees faster and with decent quality. Each and every t-shirt was made by Jonny personally and every one of them had a small signature – “KILL” on it. So when time came for Jonny to leave Tokyo Rose, he already had a pretty clear business idea in his mind and that was the real beginning of the Kill Brand. Taking this as a full-time job he started promoting his brand at the local music festivals and… the rest is the history :)

As you might see Kill Brand sells usual urban apparel (tees, tops, hoodies etc.) and isn’t really about some fashion frills, but rather about the strong and funny attitude statement. Brands like this aren’t rare, but I’d say Kill Brand shines out with its quality, and I mean the quality of both products themselves and the designs you can see on them. Most of them are really cool and reckless, just like real rock’n’roll is! The “Rocking Lips” illustration looks damn cool to me, especially if it was meant as a joke on the famous Rolling Stones symbol. The “Love Kills” designs with a pictures of wasted Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love or another picture of (probably even more wasted) Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen are hands down priceless in their sarcasm, especially since the first one is an awesome looking overall print tee. There’s a lot of designs with the slogans that made me really laugh my ass off, like “What the fuck happened to Metallica?” or “Grunge is Dead” (rest in peace, bastard!). Those are hilarious, may be it’s just me though. The slogan “Fuck everything” is here on lots of products and I guess it’s the main nihilistic statement of Kill Brand.

At the same time Kill Brand isn’t an elitist punk brand and you could see their apparel featured in such mainstream magazines like GQ Magazine, Alternative Press, Maxim and many more. Their garments can be found (with some luck) worldwide, in over 200 retail store networks, including Europe. And of course there’s always their online store, don’t forget about it!


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