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Jessica Louise: Fairies Having Fun

Jessica Louise

When describing her work Jessica Louise says it has “equal parts punk rock power and fairy-tale girlyness” and I believe it’s prefectly true. Her custom clothes unite various elements of modern urban punk and alternative culture with a decent playful spirit, which is both funny and quite cool.

The brand was started by – surprise! – Jessica Louise herself in 2004 in Los Angeles and as many other clothing brands it was based on nothing more than a strong desire to make it. A small rented studio in Downtown LA became the cradle for her quirky and beautiful style, though it wasn’t an easy ride. In the beginning it was just Jessica sitting in her studio and working for 18 hours a day, improving and developing her own style. Later, while already being a known local apparel designer, she opened her own boutique, but still the most of things you could buy there were made by Jessica herself. This place became a universal headquarter for everything related to the brand, starting from production and finishing with photography for the web-shop and cataloques. And you know what? I really love seeing the living and breathing examples of how just a human being with a dream can do real something. Sure, everybody has dreams, but not everybody has enough inner power to make them true… Though isn’t this website all about this kind of people? Exactly. And that’s quite fortunate for you: take a look at Jessica Louise’s website, take a deep breath and start working! Remember what uncle Paul Stanley said, “Wishing and hoping won’t get you nothing…”

But let us get to the clothes. It’s a crazy and fancy mix of at least several styles and directions. The main one is clean American punk culture (not to be confused with the hardcore 70’s UK scene), with bright colors and sometimes a strong rockabilly influence, especially when it comes to the tops. Their overall style feels a little retro with the leopard skin, skulls and flowers textures. This animalistic thing is clearly the brand’s signature move and the cats are the centerpoint of this universe. T-shirts, tops and hoodies with the slogan “I don’t give a meow” (nice one by the way), cat ears on the hoods and as the separate accessories, cat tights, cat scarfs, cat sweaters, you name it!

There’s also some products that add a little of “fairy tale” spirit to the collection, for instance really cool hair accessories with skulls, flower and even antlers (no worries, no animal was harmed). Those I could easily imagine on the heads of the summer festival fairies somewhere in Europe. The skirts with lace and ribbons could fall into the same category too. And what brings us straight back to punk is the page with badges and pins, because lots of big pins on clothes is for sure one of the most classy punk things ever.

And last but not least, Jessica Louise is one of just a few clothing artists I know who really pay attention to the plus size products and really designs something for the big girls. I thought it was worth mentioning because (oh well) sometimes it’s a real pain in the ass to find something original of plus size. Now you know where to look for it :)


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