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Hyraw Clothing: For Badass People

Hyraw Clothing

How about something raw and bloody for a change? Some people think they have to dress just not to get arrested for shocking people in the street with their bare private parts, but luckily there are lots and lots of individuals who dress to express their nature and also to support and promote their life style. And if you’re rough enough (or want to look like that) you definitely should take a close look at what the French brand Hyraw Clothing has to offer.

The brand’s co-founders are Christophe “Musclor” and Jeremie who actually had no plans to create a clothing brand. Initially Christophe was all into the music business, managing several metal bands, while Jeremie was a graphic designer, and it was just a blind chance that put them together. It probably didn’t take long to develop the brand’s initial direction and philosophy, because it was so natural for the people behind the Hyraw Clothing.

Metal music, extreme sports, tattoo culture – all of these found its place in the brand’s designs. They are damn aggressive, yet well-drawn and cool. Some will see the clear influence of punk imagery here, others will say the main characters from “Sons of Anarchy” would look awesome in those t-shirts, but the main idea is simple to see – freedom, metal and extreme life.

Unlike many other “underground” clothing brands Hyraw Clothing doesn’t really run global and pays a lot of attention to the local French market. Christophe and Jeremie are usually quite open for collaboration with any band, of course if it’s really great live and plays thunderous enough. Hyraw Clothing is also very friendly with one of the biggest metal festivals of the world “Hellfest” designing their official t-shirts and even glasses.


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