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How About Elvira’s New Pinup Girl Clothing Line?

How About Elvira's New Pinup Girl Clothing Line?

If you don’t know who Elvira the Mistress of the Dark is, then what the hell did you do in 80’s? If you spent that whole decade in a closet – she was and still is a classic sexy icon of pinup culture and true horror fun. The lady behind Elvira – Cassandra Peterson – has developed quite a character! Two full-length moves (both were awesome, if you ask me), lots of horror specials, comic books, live shows etc etc etc… And looks like now it’s time for a brand new Elvira clothing line which is a direct result of collaboration between Cassandra Peterson herself and the brand called Pinup Girl Clothing. The whole collection is already available online here and here are some previews for you just in case you’re wondering what kind of dresses you can expect from The Mistress of the Dark.

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