House of Harlot: Latex Beauty Fetish

House of Harlot

Latex… You say this word out loud and get all attention in the world right away 🙂 Have you ever thought about latex being probably the only clothing material with a real statement? I mean “I like jeans” or “I wear velvet” doesn’t tell anything about the person who said it, but if he/she says “I like latex”… alright, we immediately get quite a graphic picture. Though if we take a look at a few previous decades latex has made a long way from being an obscure and disreputable element of the S&M culture to the shining world of the mainstream fashion magazine covers, silver screens and red carpets. It’s still mainly a fetish thing, but when you see Beyoncé, Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus wearing their latex dresses, it becomes quite hard to associate it with any underground, if you know what I mean. No wonder the S&M society hates those celebrities so much for taking their culture away from them! It used to be so dangerous, so mysterious, so forbidden, so sexy and so not-for-everybody, but at some point it suddenly turned into (pardon my manners) “Fifty Shades of Grey” and Kardashians wearing latex just because it’s kinda cool.

Oh well, what is latex nowadays? Love it or hate it, it’s become a solid part of the modern culture and you can meet an office employee wearing a latex dress, jacket or corset. The advantage of latex dress is the super shiny quality of the material.  Wherever you go, you become the center of attraction.  View publisher site to know how these dresses are made.  The pattern of the dress and the wearer’s measurements are used to cut out the dress from a large sheet of latex.  It is so exciting, especially while wearing in parties. It’s still a huge part of the S&M and goth culture, but the people wearing certain latex garments from time to time in their everyday life are not rare anymore. Designed for domination and having a good time latex makes them feel very special, it gives them a feeling of power and control, which I actually find quite amazing, because to me it’s pretty much like literally waking your alter ego up! Yes, it’s not so easy to wear it since you still have to lubricate your body and it’s not advisable to wear latex daily for more than several hours, but c’mon it has never kept us from trying new things 🙂 Especially since we just found such a great example of a latex clothing brand to tell you about!

House of Harlot doesn’t really need any introduction and you believe you know what to expect from such a brand, but as soon as you load their website you still can’t help feeling like a little kid lost in a huge magician’s shop.

House of Harlot is not only a highly original name for clothing brand (yep), but also a team of designers whose passion is strictly focused on latex. It was 1991 when Robin and Michelle Archer decided to launch the brand, though at first latex wasn’t their main weapon of choice and various rubber-based materials and leather were widely used too. By 1997 House of Harlot has gained so much skills and even legacy, that their next logical step was going wholesale and becoming one of the world’s most remarkable latex clothing brands. Not so long ago in 2016 Robin Archer resigned and the company is headed by Iris Trika now.

Speaking about the garments… oh where should I start… House of Harlot doesn’t really need any introduction and you believe you know what to expect from such a brand, but as soon as you load their website you still can’t help feeling like a little kid lost in a huge magician’s shop. Latex catsuits, corsets, dresses, jackets, tops, lingerie, uniforms, any color and any style – anything you can and can’t imagine is here. Most of these garments have a clear sexual intent, no doubt about that, though some of them can be worn for the certain special life occasions, especially if you like to party 😉 The uniform section is quite remarkable and you could find its true value if you’d like to turn yourself into a steaming sexy nurse, police woman, nun, maid or sailor lady. The latex catsuits category is probably my favorite, because I’ve seen a lot of them before and I can assure you House of Harlot’s fantasy has no boundaries! Some of their catsuits are quiet experimental in a way, some of them look sort of outlandish and look really stunning.

Too bad there’s not so much stuff for men here and what I found was quite conservative for my liking. Still you can see some nice things there like pants, tops, shirts and even a latex coat which looked rather Victorian to me. Anyway if you’re really into it and want to have something really special by House of Harlot, I’m sure you can contact the brand and they would love to design something especially for you because they’re known for their custom-made products too!

I have to admit House of Harlot left a very positive feeling in my heart and I even bookmarked their website because who knows 🙂 I believe if you like it you’d find a way to their clothing, because the brand is big selling to various stores worldwide, including USA, Europe, Australia and Japan. On top of that they work with many top-level fashion brands (like Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs and Christian Dior) and deliver various special latex rubber clothing for the showbiz, including music and cinema world. There’s no way you’d escape from them 🙂